Hello World!

Thanks for popping by and checking out my social, life-enhancing, healthy, foodie space that I will diligently construct in the following period. I am different than other blogers out there that focus on a specific topic because I get bored easily from one-themed projects. I am the jack of all trades and between holding art exhibitions, studying graphic design for a year at the University of the Arts London and Art and Business at the Sotheby’s Institute, majoring in Economics and East European Studies in UCL and mastering in Management at the LSE and finally graduating from the basic cuisine course at Le Cordon Bleu London you can imagine that I am indeed a mix of things!
My background is also as eclectic, being born in Macedonia, going to boarding school in Switzerland and living in London for the past 6 years.
As career paths so far I have considered doing a Phd in Management and Sociology, opening a restaurant, developing a sports beverage, writing a book and developing a career for a management consulting company. I have also worked in a major multinational, my family’s distribution company and volunteered.
Indigo memoirs is a journey of self discovery that I hope my readers can relate to! From my travels around the world, my interests in health, sociology and food I’m sure you will find topics appealing and extract some wisdom from them!

Happy browsing!


Marta J

6 responses to “About

    • Thank you, love your blog too! Wonder how you have the time and resources to write such intelligent high quality posts! Will be reading your posts

      • You must be kidding me. You are doing soooooo much more! I wonder how you got the time to do it!!

        As for me, I have made a hobby out of studying and reading. But your interests are soooo diverse.

        PS: I miss London so much!! I was there for about a month…I studied in Sheffield.

        ~ E

      • Thanks so much! Your blog is pretty awesome too! Yeah London is pretty great, gives me lots of writing ideas
        Looking forward in reading your posts.

        Take care

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