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Salad may not be the most appealing meal choice during this time of the year; as the days become grayer we turn to our food to find comfort, and in most cases, a cuppa coffee, tea or a hearty soup fulfill the job brilliantly. However there is an unwritten rule about salads, and that is: there are no rules that dictate what a salad should be- meaning we can be super creative when in making salad decisions. While I would be surprised if anyone was shocked if I decided to use pasta as a base of my salad, the choice we have between the pastas we could use and the ingredients we can mix them with make the job for both chefs and cooking enthusiasts fun and exiting. Although I didn’t invent today’s recipe myself, it is representational of the fine line that stands between a pasta and a salad and a summer and a winter dish.

 Artichoke, broad bean and pecorino risoni salad
A recipe by Alice Heart
Serves four 


12 marinated artichoke hearts
A squeeze of lemon
350g dried risoni pasta
200g broad beans
Finely grated zest and juice of one lemon
4 thyme springs
75 grated pecorino


  1. Cook the risoni until al dente and add the broad beans during the last two minutes of the cooking process. Drain the risoni and the broad beans and set aside. Season with lemon juice and olive juice.
  2. Pluck the thyme from the bunch and mix it with the risoni. Season with salt and pepper.
  3. Cut the artichokes into quarters and mix with the rest of the salad ingredients
  4. Grate the pecorino, mix well and allow to cool before serving.


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