The Fast and the Really Furious

As the weather became cooler and London shifted back to being London- rainy, gray and miserable, I decided it was the right time to try new indoor activities. Coincidently I was reading the Red Bulletin, Red Bull’s extreme sport magazine, and came across an article about a Red Bull sponsored go-kart championship listing UK karting venues that invite people to participate in the qualifications. The last time I drove a go kart was when I was a teenager, remembering how fun and incredibly liberating was the entire experience!

A perfect activity for a Sunday afternoon, there are plenty of cool and indoor karting centers you can go to. The nearest one to me is Team Sport‘s Tower Bridge track just off Bermondsey station. I wasn’t sure about what to expect because the last time I drove a go-kart was ten years ago and on an outdoor track. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism and precise coordination of the entire experience- I arrived there alone but I raced with a group of eight other people, was provided with protective suit and helmet and attended a compulsory safety briefing.

I drove three eight minute timed laps, and received a performance data sheet after each lap measuring my time and skill compared both with the drivers from my group and with the entire database of drivers that attended the Team Sport Venue. I came fourth on my first lap but second on both my second and third lap. I felt so happy and incredibly amazing for my results especially because I was the only girl in the group that performed so well. Yet I am not surprised because I am unbelievably competitive when in comes to sports, especially motor sports. My desire to win is so great that I simply forget about the consequences of putting myself at risk when driving at high speed and making sharp turns- luckily I didn’t kill myself or other drivers.

The great thing about go-karting is that anyone at nearly any age can participate. Most people are not as crazy as I am- they associate racing with a fun group activity while I see it purely as a chance to outcompete others. Still I enjoyed myself greatly, mainly on the track of course, but if you intend to go karting just for the fun of it you absolutely should! There is a bar next to the track where you can simply hang out, enjoy a couple of drinks (I hope non-alcoholic- for your own and others’ safety) and race afterwards. If on the other hand you are as competitive as I am, Superone hosts UK’s karting race events, you can choose to apply for the senior karting series and get serious on the track with a proper kart that surpasses 100 km/h. Either way I think most of you would agree that go-karting is a cool activity that you should organize once in a while to properly experience the rush of adrenalin.



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