The Breakfast Club

The following four are the absolute porridge accessory essentials! You can add all four, or mix and match any of them for an extra delicious and uber nutritious breakfast. My absolute favorite is the pumpkin seeds together with the coconut flakes but any of the flavours marry well together. Why buy a ready-made box when you can customize your dish from scratch? Adding any of these four also means reducing the porridge portion size to accommodate for the additional healthy ingredient- cutting some extra calories.

So… the fantastic four you should keep at all times in your kitchen cupboard are:

Goji berries
Pumpkin seeds
Coconut flakes
Flax seeds

Goji berries are the ultimate superfood. Originally from the Himalayas, they have been traditionally used in Chinese medicine for curing bacterial and candida infections and inflamations. Goji berries contain the highest protein proportion compared to any other fruit on the planet that in turn makes them a perfect and balanced addition to a ‘carbs’ based breakfast such as porridge. Furthermore, their high antioxidant content means that they are a perfect remedy against high cholesterol and other cardiovascular diseases. Antioxidants, decelerate the aging process by effectively eliminating free radical cells, engendered through regular metabolic toxin expulsion.

Pumpkin seeds offer a wide-ranging antioxidant ‘portfolio’ compared to other foods. They are also special sources of mineral nutrients, which help to sustain our body’s endocrine system. Pumpkin seeds are rich with zinc, a mineral that is essential for optimal physical performance. This makes it an athlete’s absolute essential. Hence if you are planning a work out on a particular day make sure you add some pumpkin seeds to your breakfast!

Coconut flakes, represent another big food for cardiovascular health; their high oil content provide the needed regeneration platform for any cell of any artery. Furthermore the oil present in the coconut flakes induces fat burn through its medium-chain fatty acids that in turn chaperone the entire process. Finally coconut flakes possess a disinfectant quality, killing foreign bacterial or fungal infection in the body, again thanks to the medium-chain fats penetrating the cell and killing the pathogenic organism.

Flax seeds are huge on Omega 3 fatty acids and mucilage, a gel forming fiber that facilitates expulsion of intestinal waste. Due to its high Omega 3 content its benefits to the cardiovascular system are evident and wide spread, ranging from maintaining a healthy functioning to fighting diseases. Digestion-wise we all know how important it is to maintain regularity as digestion is the main process through which toxins are expelled from our body- hence do add flax seed to your porridge! Since flaxseed does not contribute to the taste, mix it with one or more of the other three healthy ingredients.

I hope that the preceding description is a useful beginners guide for porridge/cereal customization! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and no matter how tired we feel or how little time we have in the morning, paying attention to the kind of breakfast we eat makes an absolute difference. If you start your day with the wrong food it will be difficult to control your cravings throughout the day. Hence buy these ingredients and simply sprinkle them on whatever you decide to eat, regardless if it’s porridge, cereal, toast or even eggs.

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