The Adult Breakfast

Why not prepare a breakfast with a twist for a change- a delicious, healthy and balanced dish with one naughty alcoholic ingredient- Pimm’s. This might sound as an antithesis to the usual Detox Wednesday articles but what the small quantity of alcohol does actually is act as an enzyme that engenders a nutrient releasing chemical reaction. Plus the ingredients that I am using today to prepare this breakfast dish for you could not be better for maintaining a stable blood sugar level- a key factor for any serious dieter I am sure.


So, you remember my Macaroon post this Monday? Delicious as they were, I did eat the entire box filled with eight pieces and I am still struggling to eliminate the hunger cravings I experience all the time ever since. Once you consume a high GI food, it takes rigorous attentiveness and discipline to normalize your blood sugar level and eliminate the physical cravings. Almonds and strawberries are two of the most perfect ingredients that do just that: whether consumed alone or together with high GI foods such as white bread, sweets, fried food and the like, they counter these ‘bad’ foods’ disastrous effects.

Mixing strawberries and almonds together is a fast and easy alternative compared to porridge or cereal. The crunchiness of the almond and the softness of the marinated strawberry allows you to experience the same texture as you would with cereal yet the richness of the flavor is on a completely different level. What is more, the almonds are sprinkled with icing sugar and baked, generating that extra nuttiness.

Strawberries and almonds are as effective as artificial statins for reducing cholesterol. Almonds are as highly regarded as olive oil in terms of ‘good fats’ that protect your heart from cardiovascular diseases, while strawberries contain double the daily vitamin C intake recommendation, acting also as a powerful antioxidant that in turn fights free radical damage.

Ready to spice up your breakfast routine?

Flaked almonds and strawberries
A recipe by Georgie Socratous
Serves 2-4


450 g strawberries, hulled
A splash of Pimm’s
2 tbsp. icing sugar
150 g flaked almonds


  1. Wash and quarter strawberries. Marinate in Pimm’s for 20 min
  2. Set the oven on 180 C.  Lay the flaked almonds on a tray with baking paper and sprinkle the icing sugar on top. Bake for 15-20 min
  3. Mix strawberries with almonds and decorate with mint



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