Très Lanvin, Très Macaron, Très Chic

Food is so abundant today that it has transformed into a sort of fetish. No one seems to eat to live but everyone lives to eat- the food that we consume, just like brands that we wear defines us. We ‘accessorize’ our shopping trip with a cappuccino and cupcake, or even better, couple of colourful macaroons. France is the emblem of high fashion and…high pastry.

New this season is Alber Elbaz of Lanvin and Ladurée’s co-creation of a Lanvin limited edition macaroon box filled with bubble gum flavoured macaroons with a marshmellow stuffing. I couldn’t resist but ritualize my Sunday with eight delicate macaroons; one bite of the Lanvin bubble gum macaroon took me straight back to childhood, the time when I would chew an entire gum pack in 5 min- the flavour is too addicting! Well, as you can imagine, I finished the entire box and felt slightly guilty- just about the same as when you max out your credit card after a shopping craze! Evidently, Lanvin and Ladurée are right on the spot with their marketing strategy.

Macaroons, the beautiful pastel disks, are essentially meringues with ground almonds added to the recipe. Their origin is actually Italian, produced in Venice during the Renaissance. Their name derives from Venetian macarone, meaning delicate paste. Macaroon’s contemporary Italian twin is Amaretto- bitter almonds and apricot kernels are added to the same mix of egg whites, sugar and ground almonds. In France, besides Ladurée, the most famous macaroon producing location is Nancy and in the 17th century macaroons were intended for non-meat eating girls- quite a similar consumer profile with today’s don’t you think so?

Lanvin limited edition bubble gum macaroons and box are out since September 28th. Enjoy!


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