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One of the best things about London is that you can try whatever, whenever and however you desire- if you have the time, the will and the excitement for it. The question is how to start? As so many events are happening at the same time, most of the cool ones are communicated by word of mouth making it difficult to decide which one to go to. If you ask me, Time Out is my London survival guide, I don’t go or do anything without confiding with my wisest advisor. Once you secure your own copy of Time Out the second part is slightly more challenging, that is, only if you still haven’t given a serious thought about what your hobbies are, which skills you strive to learn and where can you charge your creativity.

Overlapping your hobbies with your work contributes greatly towards defining what you like or dislike; I am aware that only some of us enjoy the perks from being self employed which is first and foremost the complete freedom of designing both your work schedule and career direction. Then of course, along with the perks comes the greatest downside, uncertainty. Uncertainty drives fear and fear drives exclusivity- sticking to your comfort zone and showing your potential only in activities you know you excel at. Since I never thought I was good at one thing in particular, I was never selective with the kind of activities I could try- who knows maybe I would like them!

Couple of days I go came across a print making studio that offered workshops for beginners and I signed up thinking I want know what is it about. Years had gone by since the last time I entered an art studio- a completely different world from the spotless galleries selling art. It is quite funny actually; creating art is messy, erratic and spontaneous while the spaces representing art are sterile and quite arrogant at occasions. Anyways, upon entering the studio it made me remember how much I missed the atmosphere- everyone does their own thing yet everyone is helpful and time flies because you are completely immersed in what you are doing. This was precisely my experience at the Print Club London- print designers were our tutors for the day, simply taking us through each step of how they made their prints.

On my lunch break I decided to take a walk around East London’s bosom, hopefully discovered some vintage shops and arts cafés- luckily I found a great one, called Barden’s Boudoir, a laid back café with some great food and apparently a hotspot for gigs! After my coffee break I went back to the Print Club and made my first screen print ever- I made a short video summarizing bits from the entire experience, I hope you will like it! In short, what I learned was quite basic: how to imprint a design on your screen and how to transfer that design on a sheet of A4 paper. Next time what I would really like to learn is how to make a multi-colored print, the kind they make for music posters or T-shirts, which, undoubtedly will be challenging. In any case I will let you know when I go for it. Enjoy 🙂

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