Each day the world is evolving into an experience playground; technology, through the creation of a wide range of 24/7 distribution channels via the internet platform, transferred information directly into the user’s hand. What once was a rigidly controlled informational hierarchy now became an informational tug-of-war- pure capitalism’s unscrupulous battle for money and power equivalent of content competition. The end result? It ranges between the good, the bad and the ugly. In order to overcome the informational WWIII we evolved beyond our traditional role of consumers, becoming trysumers or more accurately sumotriers, a term I’d like to use to capture a visual representation of a geek, that feeds on information until he blows up into the size of a sumo wrestler. Expertise of course grows proportionately with content quantity transforming the geek into a skilled user just as a sumo feeds strategically to secure his wins.

Trysumers are freed from the shackles of convention and scarcity, immune to most advertising, and enjoying full access to information, reviews, and navigation. A trysumer is an experienced consumer whose expertise is judged by the amount of time spent looking, analysing, purchasing and evaluating products. Experience evolves into confidence which in turn encourages trysumers to check new appliances, new services, new flavours, new authors, new destinations, new artists, new outfits, new relationships, pretty much new anything. Niche products are entering their honeymoon years as more and more people like to accumulate new experiences as a part of building a unique identity.

The death to trysumerism is decision fatigue, routinisation and time scarcity. Initial trial evolves into selection and selection evolves into addiction. Soon we become unconscious victims of our shopping decisions and changing old habits don’t happen over night. In order for trysumerism to persist it needs to become an institutionalized behaviour where engaging in new experiences becomes part of the norm rather than an occasional escapade. The tension between testing and establishing trysumerism fragments consumers into trysumer leaders and followers. The difference between a trysumer leader and a trysumer follower is one of activity vs. passivity. Leaders not only take charge of incorporating new experiences as their way of life but they also communicate these experiences to the public, an increasingly simple act thanks to the internet, social media and app technology. Followers, while stuck into a routine limbo, either seek purposefully or come across trysumer experiences accidentally, and if appealing try the experience themselves.

What we once shared with a friend around the coffee table we now share with the world on twitter, facebook and instagram. Humans possess an innate urge to share, to voice their opinions, to stand out- it is a reflection of an identity we strive to erect in this social landscape. Brands are certainly taking advantage of this reality but so should you! One will never discover who he is unless he defeats his fear from the unknown; but time has come where the risks of trying something unknown are offset by infinite streams of personalized information- some that you will discover on indigomemoirs, a space dedicated entirely to new experiences, different concepts and serendipitous ideas. Trying different things, playing with new concepts and testing my limits has now transformed into a routinized behaviour, one that sent me on a timeless and obscure seaborne journey whose destination is unknown; it may recreate the Columbus moment of discovering America as much as it may not, but the outcome is not as important as the process, as it is with the time a sumo wrestler spends training and eating- fundamental routines that back each of his victories and reassure him after every downfall.




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