Papaya Fizz

It is time to start taking tropical fruit more seriously- the cinema may be the only place where we encounter super humans but our dish and medicinal cupboard are the sites where we encounter super fruits every day, should we choose to do so. Papaya is one of my favorite fruits, which I discovered for the first time when I travelled to Brazil 8 years ago. Today papaya is as normal a fruit as an apple or a banana, stocked on the shelves of every super market- hence there are no more room for excuses; the distance you need to travel to access a papaya is 100 meters today compared to 6000 km couple of years ago!

Sadly most of us are unaware of papaya’s abundant medicinal benefits and some of us still need time to adapt to its taste. Don’t get me wrong, papaya’s taste is wonderfully luscious and sweet but so far we enjoyed papaya as a skin product with a highly attractive aroma not as an edible object, let alone a supplement made from fermented papaya.

Named the Fruit of Angels by Christopher Columbus, papaya has been used medicinally over 100s of years in South America. Today, labs all over the world and especially in Japan and France carried out over 30 studies discovering papaya’s active ingredients and testing their medicinal effect. Papaya’s most important active ingredient, papain, is a powerful enzyme that eases the digestion of protein and deteriorates intestinal bacteria. Abundant presence of Vitamins A, C and E accredit papaya’s antioxidant features which in turn serve to fight free radical damage, the no 1 cause in ageing.

Free radical damage occurs either through regular metabolic processes, (i.e. white cells producing free radicals to kill a bacteria or a cell produces free radicals when it produces energy) or through voluntary toxin intake (consumption of cigarettes, alcohol, imbalanced diet and stress related toxins). Papaya extract, made from papaya enzymes stimulates the production of white cells that in turn protect our immune system from free radical damage.

Numerous studies so far have confirmed papaya’s effectiveness in treating cancer due its active ingredient powerful antioxidant properties. A supplement I can recommend is Immun’Age, a fermented papaya enzyme extract manufactured in Japan. A powder based supplement, simply dissolve it under your tongue before a meal. Results are evident as quickly as just a week of regular consumption and include improved digestion, increased energy, clearer skin and greater mental clarity. I have just started to take it; the taste is wonderful! Try and let me know what you think!


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