Don’t say NO to NONI!

Noni, the Aloe Vera of the pacific, is another multi-talented plant converted into juice. Its benefits are endless and are most welcome now as the weather is becoming cooler with the change of the season. Although not as popular and well known as Aloe Vera, Noni is up and coming hard core right now- only most people, including myself have not been aware of its outstanding benefits!

Noni, a plant drawn to the warm pacific climate, was used for centuries in its local medical habitat. The Aryans, peoples of north India who are said to have possessed the knowledge of the entire cosmos of the time, brought Noni from the Pacific and used it for treating dry skin conditions. Today Noni is respected for each of its active ingredients treating varied diseases ranging from depression to cancer, blindness and gastro-intestinal diseases. All claims are thoroughly researched and backed with medical studies.

Noni’s most impressive function is its effect on the pineal gland located in the center of our brain. The pineal gland directly controls all other glands including the thymus, which protects you from infections and cancer, the pancreas responsible for regulating the blood sugar level and producing insulin, the adrenal gland responsible for stress management and the sexual gland responsible for reproduction. The pineal gland produces a melatonin pigment which energizes the other glands, empowering them to perform at their peak; Noni contains the same substance and replicates the function of the pineal gland. At times when the pineal gland is out of business, Noni takes its job and performs the same task, providing vitality and balance to the entire endocrine system.

Noni’s other medicinal functions are as powerful and varied; its extract encourages the production of serotonin, a chemical known to elevate mood, without which many suffer from depression. Another active ingredient, anthraquinones, treats bacterial infections especially in the digestive tract area. Finally, scopoletin, another active ingredient present in Noni reduces blood pressure and prevents inflammations.

So why not try Noni? Its method of consumption is through dilution of a tablespoon of juice into water, three times a day before a meal. Juice is produced from a fermented Noni plant and today you can find it almost in any health store. The taste is not the most pleasant but once diluted in water it looses its bitterness.

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