Ode to Autumn: Mushroom and Sage Risotto

There is no better way to greet the Fall season than with a comforting, wholesome risotto. Mushrooms are in season again and sage complements mushrooms perfectly-finish the dish with creamy mascarpone and rustic Parmesan flakes to achieve the rice-pudding-esque creaminess.

Unlike standard preparation of risotto, treat this recipe as a pilaf- pour vegetable stock and allow the rice to absorb the entire aroma from the shallots, mushroom and sage in the oven. Some may argue that this is an unorthodox method of preparing real Italian risotto but you cannot argue with the end result- divine flavors.

I am going to admit that I have a crush on Italian food- no other food can make you so happy! On the other hand Italian food is very dangerous for a pasta addict such as myself; the perfect matches made between the pasta shape and the variety of fresh ingredients are as dangerous as sirens seducing sailors at the open see- you heal your head troubles with perfectly cooked Italian pasta but you create new waste problems.

Risotto by the way is no different, especially is it’s creamy and perfumed. But what better way to open the Autumn season than with a fresh forest mushroom risotto? Sunny days may be over soon but better recipes are to come compensating for the absence of blue skies. Just remember to eat them in moderation because it’s easy to forget yourself in the layers of clothes 🙂

Mushroom and sage risotto



1 l vegetable stock
40 g butter
2 shallots, finely chopped
250 g forest mushrooms
4 sage leaves, whole or shredded
2 tbsp. mascarpone
60 g grated Parmesan


  1. Prep the vegetables; finely chop shallots, slice mushrooms, pick sage leaves.
  2. Prepare veg stock- add an organic block into a litre of water, bring to the boil and simmer for a couple of minutes. Keep aside until needed
  3. Sweat the shallots in a pan with butter, add mushrooms and shallots and mix until they soften. Add the rice and mix more until the rice until it crystalizes (becomes slightly transparent)
  4. Add the stock and pop in the oven. Let it cook out for 30 min on 170 C
  5. The risotto is ready when the rice has absorbed the stock. Add the mascarpone and mix
  6. Grate the parmesan, mix and prepare a soup plate to serve
  7. Decorate with a bunch of sage leaves

Welcome to Autumn and Bon Appetit!

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