The Wolf’s Dragon Ball

Wolfberry, otherwise famously known as Goji berry + Pumpkin seed is the Japanese manga equivalent of Goku’s Dragon ball. On second thought, I am not quite so sure whether this comparison does Coco oil combined Goji and pumpkin seed any justice; perhaps a better fit would be Dragon bomb!

This little snack I prepared for you today is indeed the superfood equivalent of a bomb. The combination of nutrients present in all of the ingredients are enough to prepare a super hero for his most challenging battle let alone the mini struggles of you and me. Goji berry, sometimes unfairly labeled as the health industry’s marketing fad, has been used in Chinese herbal medicine for over 4000 years, only recently becoming a marketable product in the West. Though true that certain companies exaggerate their health claims to sell a product, both China and the States have conducted many medical studies that test Goji berries’ health attributes- and with some success!

Goji berries are the only food discovered so far that is adaptogenic- interfering with the body’s endocrine system, they enable hormones to adapt to stress, reverting any disbalance into equilibrium. Furthermore, Goji berries have the highest presence in vitamin C compared to any other known food; not surprisingly they are loaded with antioxidants that combat free radicals damaging healthy cells and as a result, act as an effective defense mechanism against cancer and other devastating diseases. Goji berries contain zeaxanthin, a vitamin A compound that is especially effective in protecting retina against loss of sight during aging. Finally Goji berries are considered as an aphrodisiac, scientifically proven to increase fertility and improve sperm potency.

The story doesn’t end with Goji berry; Pumpkin seeds are Autumn’s true jewels not leftovers you discard from the pumpkin at Halloween. They represent a fantastic source of minerals (Zinc, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Iron, Copper), proteins, Omega 3 fats and vitamin B. They eliminate parasites, and provide relief to inflammation. Last but not least they possess a bountiful source of phytosterols, an active ingredient whose chemical structure is very similar to cholesterol and as a result combat LDL cholesterol effectively.

What is there not to love about this super snack? There is some more good news- it is incredibly easy to make! Simply heat two teaspoons of coconut oil in a Bain Marie- blend 100g of pumpkin seeds with 100g of Goji berries, add the heated oil to the consistency and roll them into ball shapes. Refrigerate for an hour and ready to serve!


Goji Berries
Pumpkin Seeds


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