Betel covers nettle

The first time I came across betel leaf was on a spa retreat holiday in Thailand; right before my treatment I was served a betel leaf wrap stuffed with date, ginger, grapefruit and almond. At the time I was unfamiliar with the leaf but it tasted so different from anything I have tried before- strongly perfumed but delicate at the same time. The same year in a health shop in Switzerland I discovered that they produce a juice from the betel leaf, suggesting potential health benefits and a demand for betel leaf juice! 

So I bought the juice to give it a try- doesn’t taste anything like the leaf, in fact doesn’t taste like anything at all, which makes it a great add on to any fresh juice or soup. Besides by this point I really got curious about betel leaves and conducted a quick research to find out how beneficial they actually are- disappointingly I only managed to find limited information online and from few reliable sources. Although betel leaves are not as marketed as the other superfoods it doesn’t mean they is less important for our health. Here are the benefits what I found:

  • Betel leaves are loaded with phenols- an active ingredient famous for its antiseptic qualities
  • Heals headaches, nervous pains and exhaustion
  • Acts as a powerful diuretic, expelling toxins from the body
  • Cures coughs, colds and sore throat
  • Treats topical wounds and cools burns

Pleased with betel’s qualities? You can order the juice from a Natur Kraft Werke, a company based in Germany specializing in health products. Enjoyed the article? In one of my next ones I will provide a healthy recipe featuring betel leaf wraps, similar to the ones I tasted in Thailand- watch out for them 🙂

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