Walls with Souls

Souls enter and leave walls like souls enter and leave the human body; at least this is the case in East London- the beehive where international street artists make homage. Street art has evolved from messy and creepy to polished, intelligent and sometimes cartoonish and a rising number of street artists are becoming renowned for their skill and style. This in the past was unheard of; street artists were a bunch of drugies that didn’t do much with their time but skateboard and spray paint- an act that was frustrating to many property owners as it damaged their crisp and clean walls.



Today street artist are commissioned both by the government and the local community to conduct large scale street art projects, and most of the best ones are left untouched, appreciated and objects of pride both for local community and visitors- London street art has finally evolved to the stage of Enlightenment, providing street artist with the institutional framework and support for their best creative efforts. Not surprisingly, medium has evolved past spray paint, whose effect is quick and unrefined as street artists in the past had to spray and run.  Some of the art we see on the walls today is painted by ‘street artists’ with degrees in Fine Art that simply choose walls as their best canvases.

Flip’s monster

The most famous street-artist that among other things sparked the coolness factor for graffiti is Banksy. There is not much we know about Banksy because he is very secretive about his identity, as are most of the other street artists. I guess remaining anonymous was a norm in the past (because street art was frowned upon) that still continues today- making the entire experience of searching street art and identifying the styles even more exiting. Most artists are happy to provide interviews where they mention their background and inspirations but hide the exact locations of their work, and with legitimate reasons, as work is still destroyed and walls repainted!



Ben Slow

I you desire a complete street art experience visit the streetartlondon blog, to arrange a street art viewing tour on a Tuesday, Saturday or a Sunday, or just visit Shoreditch, Bricklane, Hackney and Tower Hamlets and experience street art spontaneously. As you explore the walls keep an eye on Malarky‘s cartoonish animals, Invader’s mini spaceship mosaics, Stik’s sticky people, Phlegm’s mythical stories, Ben Slow’s expressive portraits, Banksy’s controversial satire and Roa’s gigantic animals.



Enjoy the shot of inspiration and post a comment here, on the indigomemoirs Facebook page or tweet @indigomemoirs. I love to hear your feedback!

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