Brighton: Bright light that bites

Yes people I am out of London again- surprised? Didn’t think so J. This time it is a much more proximate destination- dear old Brighton, the lovely British sea side, lovely scenery, lovely seagulls. The home of crunchy fish and chips, I figured if I drove two hours to see Brighton I might as well try the ‘real fish and chips’. Only £5. 75 per portion it is the freshest fish I have tried in England- no joke! All you need to do is go to the sea side, pick the dodgiest place and surprise yourself by how tasty food in a plastic plate can be 🙂

That is not all, the sun you can witness from these photographs seems fantastic no? A nice change to the typical English weather; it turns out that photographs are not accurate portraits of reality- you do eventually notice the hair in my face but you cannot possibly imagine that the wind was blowing at a thousand knots per hour, slapping me in the face. So swimming or any form of sunbathing in Brighton is out of the question- which makes beer and wine drinking, eating and clubbing highly attractive activities! Apparently Brighton is one of the party places young students go to have fun; well I managed to stay there for two full hours and see most of daylight Brighton.

The atmosphere is cheerful and artsy, people seem to enjoy themselves. Additionally no one seemed to pay attention to the wind but me which shows how immune Britons are to the weather. As long as you are withdrawn from the coast and into one of the small streets the weather is quite mild in comparison- but then why go to the seaside? I guess it is enough to enjoy the fresh air and the delicious fish! But that is not all that Brighton has to offer- on my way to the coast I saw lots of local crafts and arts shops, unique jewelry and a wide range of gastro outlets. There is also live music, henna tattoo and palm reading!

Unfortunately I didn’t stay long enough to visit Brighton’s spacious green parks nor the Royal Pavilion, Britain’s most exotic palace and prince Regent’s seaside home- its architecture is a mix of Ottoman, Indian and Arabo-Venetian styles, quite an extraordinary building compared to classical and Neo-Palladian Britain. It just gives Brighton that extra edge along with the rest of its alternativeness such as the colorful graffiti you spot here and there and the artsy/punk crowd you normally see in Camden.

Is it worth to pay a visit? I think so, besides the harsh weather conditions even in August, Brighton is an interesting, cultural and untypical sea-side city with wide-ranging attractions for everyone. Eat fresh fish, enjoy the live music and maybe do a jump on a trampoline!

Wish a fun Friday!

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