Punch you in the face!

Ever felt the need for punching someone or something? We all do once in a while because we are angry, stressed or having a bad day. But what is the art of turning a bad day into a good one? The answer to that is finding the secret key to unlock the door and let all that stress and negative emotions out. Any type of sport is great for this, but one type of sport is perfect- boxing.

Boxing, a form of martial arts that existed since ancient Greece, becoming popular in the 18th, 19th and especially the 20th century. It  is now evolving into an entirely different direction. Boxing, is no longer just a sport for prizewinners, street fighters or professionals, it is also a sport for amateurs or beginners that desire a balanced, fun and stimulating work out. And what better place to have your boxing lesson than in one of London’s many parks- gives you plenty of space, fresh air and green scenery!

I am an absolute boxing beginner and I am not going to lie to you- my first lesson was really tough, I was often short of breath and just wanted to crawl on the grass. Now I understand why the make boxing rings in a limited size; if you are not constrained by space you will risk your life by jumping around and loosing your strength. The best moment was towards the end of the lesson, after my round of sit-ups, water has never tasted as delicious as it did when the work out was completed.

Boxing is a fantastic workout that should not be taken for granted. You burn around 500 calories in a sparing session and you work with all muscle groups. Endurance, balance and strength are rudimentary for competing at amateur level, hence any beginner benefits from training all these aspects. To train endurance, a serious session starts with at least 10 minutes of rope jumping or circuit training that normally includes push ups, sit-ups, burpees, lunges and series of varied abs exercises. Strength and balance are improved through vigorous core training- an essential aspect in boxing because the entire strength for the punches is derived from the core. Most importantly boxing combines both cardio and strength training; activities we normally divide in our fitness regime can now be tackled together improving our speed, reaction time and flexibility.

The mental benefits of boxing are no less important. Stress is dominating in all our lives I can imagine- you take it all out in a boxing session. Not to mention the confidence you receive if you take up boxing in the medium to long term, no doubt your body will be conditioned but also you will feel a sense of achievement from honing the skill to defend yourself in potentially dangerous situations. Finally, boxing enhances the level of oxygen in your brain due to constant hand-eye coordination and it encourages you to think and focus when you exercise. The ultimate result is enhanced mental clarity.


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