Under the sea, good place to be

Flashback: a day in Busan fish market, the most incredible, interesting and colorful fish market I have ever been too. It is the place where you can experience every kind of marine animal and plant in a somewhat surreal way- dried, fried, battered, splattered, beaten, eaten, speared or plain weird.

I was mostly impressed by the popularity of squid, a vastly devalued seafood in Europe. In South Korea the squid is so praised that you can eat it fresh on the grill at any gas station, have it dried as a snack or raw as sashimi. Besides squid, the popularity of seaweed is overwhelming, you see them hanging everywhere like green scruffy wigs. Seaweed is especially important in Korean cuisine, just like salt and pepper is for Europeans. Seaweed is eaten together with rice: you simply tear a piece of seasoned seaweed and grab a piece of plain rice with just like you would dip bread into a juicy sauce, simply delicious!

On my way to the market I got a chance to try a Korean pancake, another wonderful revelation. After frying the pancake they stuff it with mixed seeds, cinnamon and sugar, another healthy idea for your breakfast.

I enjoyed my stroll through the market, seduced by the fumes of fried fresh fish, amazed by the variety and freshness of the seafood. The last time a saw a shrimp so fresh, it  jumping up and down at a tepaniyaki restaurant in Tokyo. The poor animal died a ruthless death on the grill and was then happily consumed by me (sorry, you were just too tasty!). Yes, we are monsters, we enjoy our fish, seafood and meat, and I definitely enjoyed taking all these photographs, of seafood one step away from the dinner table- dreaming of under the sea, is the best place to be…

Using a different kind of logic, in the hypothetical case imagining humans as herbivores, marine animals would either hoard the sea or the stronger consumes the weaker. Finally fish consume humans, like the recent shark attacks we witnessed on the news. Anyway, why don’t we forget about the complexity of this topic and enjoy the photos, shall we? I hope they will inspire you. For me it was a fantastic way to spend a Friday morning. Enjoy!

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