Run from your heart for your heart

No matter how much and what I write in today’s article it will always be too little compared what aggregate society can say about running. Furthermore running can be analyzed from emotional, active, social, historical and cultural perspective. Hence when it comes to running as a theme for discussion one should always express how they truly feel about the activity: genuine love, hate or indifference.

I myself, nourish a stable love-hate relationship with running. The initial phases of motivation are exciting but just within a couple minutes of doing the activity the pain in my heart reminds me ho difficult the process will be. At times, especially when I have felt stressed, angry or sad, running has helped greatly and the mental motivation soothed the physical pain, increasing my condition steadily until I could run for an hour without a significant fatigue. Hence one could say that running is mainly a mental activity.

Yes and no. Why is it when we watch athletics and especially the long distance and marathon races that African racers always take the medals? This leads us to believe that there are genetic predispositions that favor some over others when it comes to running- the heart and the blood can efficiently absorb an x amount of oxygen and no further training can alter our physical limit.

Still I imagine that most of us take up running as a hobby considering both mental and physical benefits. If you have acknowledged running but still struggle whether to take it up as a sport here are a few benefits that can motivate you:

  • Keeps your heart healthy as it improves circulation
  • Helps you loose weight (you can burn up to 1000 kcal per hour) and burns fat by speeding up your metabolism- stimulating a more efficient use of calorie consumption
  • A cure for stress, when feeling blue or anxious- running can be seen as a form or meditation as your entire body makes such a great effort that your thoughts become still
  • Improves immune system. With running you are developing the habits and mindset of a healthy person- Illnesses do not attack healthy people with healthy habits

Ready to go for a run? Before you are off, make sure you invest in buying the perfect pair of running shoes; there is nothing worse than blisters or sore feet distracting you from completing your run. Also, I suggest, what really works for me is music while I run- make sure you spend some time and design your perfect running track. Finally choose a lucky object, or any object to motivate you- I chose a turquoise bandana I purchased in South Korea and for some unexplicable reason, feel very happy when I run with it- it keeps my head tight.


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