Kereviz yogurt heaven

Kereviz, or celery, coconut and yogurt salad from the eastern Turkish Mediterranean coast is a plate of detox perfection- just like having Steve Jobs, Howard Schultz and Richard Branson, all in one bus performing miracles.

For those of you that dislike celery, now you have no excuses- coupled with the coconut’s softness and sweetness and the yogurt’s sour freshness one can now say that celery is an attractive vegetable not just a shabby piece dissolved in soups and stocks. The focus here is on the quality of vegetables when eaten raw, or in their natural state- ingredients maintain their functional benefits and hence provide a healing experience to the body.

Besides celery, coconut and yogurt, the recipe that I am introducing to you today contains garlic, the world most effective natural anti-septic and lemon, the fruit renowned for its explosion of vitamin C- how can there not be a miracle!


For those of you that didn’t know, celery is also high in Vitamin C and other active ingredients that treat high cholesterol and blood pressure. Its diuretic property treats UTI (urinary tract infections) and expels toxins from the body. Finally an active ingredient called coumatin encourages the production of a specific type of white blood cell that fights free radicals that in turn cause cancer.

Coconut is not a fruit to be underestimated- a fantastic source of fiber, rich in manganese and potassium, coconut seems ideal for expelling toxins, metabolizing fats and proteins and regulating the body fluids.

Already excited?? You should be!


Kereviz salatasi

Serves 2-3


6-8 fresh celery stalks
4-5 tbsp. freshly grated coconut
2 tbsp. thick, creamy yogurt
2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
juice of ½ lemon
Freshly ground black pepper



  1. Wash and grate celery.
  2. Grate coconut
  3. Finely chop garlic, add to the mix
  4. Add the yogurt, a squeeze of lemon, salt and pepper
  5. Mix
  6. Serve on a starter plate with celery leaf and three thinly sliced lemon half-moons as garnish



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Cookbook: Ghillie Bashan’s Classic Turkish Cooking

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