One last bite in Istanbul!

Back to Istanbul once again this time just for half a day. The city has kept its beauty during the time I was away and this time it seemed even more interesting and colorful, especially the food in one amazing shop, Hafiz Mustafa, which I spotted on my way to Hodja Pasha whirling Dervishes show. This article is more about the food photography rather than the writing so please enjoy the images- it is a rare occasion that food can be captured so beautifully as it is here 🙂

I gave it my best to capture the beauty of the deserts in Hafiz Mustafa, but at the same time they are a story of their own, candy for both the eyes and the heart- they truly made my day! Now there is a big debate weather Asian or Turkish food is more creative- what do you think?

Unfortunately I didn’t get to try the deserts this time as I was rushing off to the show, but I got a chance to try all of them during my 8 day holiday in Istanbul. My favorite are rose water lokum (Turkish delight), pistachio baklava and kadaif with sugar syrup. Today I got really inspired and purchased two Turkish food cook books, one featuring traditional and the other contemporary dishes. I can’t wait to share some of the recipes with you in my following posts!


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