Martasia, is my view of art in Asia, a continent blossoming with creativity. During my travels in South Korea and Hong Kong I never actually attended a museum to appreciate artworks- inspiration bombarded me from everywhere and I recorded everything with my real eye and my glass eye (the lovely Tamron lense). My favorite was ‘Touch the Dream’ exhibition, a collection of paintings I found randomly in a small gallery in one of the quiet streets near the Insendong market in Seoul. Their color spectrum and simple dreamy theme had a very soothing and balancing effect on me, similar to the in between phase of staying awake but falling asleep, leaving one world to join another.

I almost never remember my dreams, but when I do they are dramatic and fast paced often with a symbolic meaning. The touch the dream paintings were so appealing to me because these are the kind of dreams I wish to dream- innocent pastel colors belonging from a child storybook. I like art to be calming, and most importantly of decorative value matching with the interior of the home, while aggressive and controversial art belongs to the museums for scientific research, psychological analysis and public debate.

Just like with sports, art in Asia caries primarily a decorative function- embellishing the homes, idealizing nature and creating a Zen atmosphere for balanced Feng Shui. Themes are simple but beautifully crafted leaving the viewer with a sense of awe and admiration.

Among the Touch the Dream paintings, I am sharing with you other artistic objects which I found to be unique and inspirational. Colorful Buddhist lanterns are so beautiful and photographed amaziningly. Asian cartoon animation is very funny and innocent just like other Asian art- one needs to be childish and take life lightly to experience it. National dresses are creative and uniquely crafted, using high quality silk dyed with natural colors- most governments in Asian countries entail a strategic agenda for maintaining and improving traditional arts and crafts, which is wonderful because not everything in the modern world is superior to traditional customs.

I hope you enjoy my Asian inspirations and share some of your own favorite ones with me!

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