Active Asia!

When one compares the Orient with the Occident, exercise may not be an evident lifestyle routine in the former compared with the latter- exercise is subtle in comparison to London for example, the city where I live. When you walk around London you see people running with backpacks at 6 am prior to work or cycling back home after work, walking around in a tracksuit and headphones in the middle of the day is a norm. In Asia, on the other hand, its people seem healthy but most of us from the West discount this fact on the food they consume or on their genetics- well we are quite wrong!

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in Hong Kong everyone is invited to practice Tai Chi for free from 8 am to 9 am in front of the Hong Kong museum of art. I wrote about Tai Chi in a previous article, explaining the functional purpose of the exercise, its origin and the benefits it bares- have a quick read! Myself, a total Tai Chi beginner was really excited to attend my first Tai Chi lesson in a place like Hong Kong, one of the homes of Tai Chi. The experience was sensational, many people walking by were welcome to join and follow simple exercises! All I had to do is write my name and country of origin because the mission of the Tai Chi organization is to spread Chinese culture to the West, and rightly so.

Sports in Asia are not as evident, prominent and aggressive as sports in the West because they are process oriented in comparison to goal oriented Western sports. The ultimate goal of Asian sports is all rounded wellbeing, including both mental and physical. There is a saying that I picked up somewhere in the past, I think it is a universal saying, it goes: “strong body, strong mind”. I believe in this 100% because our body just like our mind is intelligent- our senses posses their own kind of intelligence that distinguish the good from the bad, not just the hot from the cold or the pain from the comfort. Through thousands of years of applied research and exercise building regimes, the nations of the Orient have built entire systems based on the former principle- as a result people are more focused, centered and disciplined- personal goals we should all aspire to!

My mission, as soon as I get back to London is to find a good Tai Chi practice center where I can learn more about this wise sport. Of course I am going to share all of my experiences and lessons with you! Any recommendations on Tai Chi centers in London are very welcome and needed! Also for those of you interested in the activity I am happy to talk to you more and exchange ideas! Just post me a comment here, on the indigomemoirs Facebook page or tweet me @indigomemoirs. Don’t forget that I also participate on the bloglovin’ platform so if you are member, add me to your list of blogs to follow!


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