Summer sorbet series- final round: the Detoxifier vs. the Accelerator

Today we reached the final round of the summer sorbet series! Which one was your favorite so far? Did you have an opportunity to prepare any of the 10 sorbets from the past five weeks? Would you like to try out some different flavours, because I am always happy to make more 🙂

The last two delicious sorbets are the Detoxifier aka Beetroot and Cassis sorbet vs. the Accelerator aka Pineapple and Chili sorbet. Notice that throughout the past four Detox Wednesday articles I personified the sorbets by assigning funny sounding names- I had so much fun doing that and wanted to act a bit childish- how boring can health articles be from time to time?!

In this final round however I chose functional names for my sorbets because my intention is to remind you that the primary purpose of the sorbet articles is both to provide you with a healthy dessert alternative and to educate you about the ingredients I chose to use (certainly something you can also research yourself- but hopefully my format was easier and more enjoyable to read!)

And now off to the recipes, followed by the important health benefits and concluding with my verdict which will be evaluated by your opinions which you know that I always love to hear!!

The Detoxifier: Beetroot and Cassis Sorbet

Makes 1 kilo


600 g beetroot- or 450 ml organic beetroot juice (I strongly recommend Biona, a Swiss brand)
250 g blackcurrant
400 ml syrup (remember 250 g sugar and 250 ml water makes 400 ml syrup)


  1. If you prefer to use fresh beetroot I strongly recommend that you wear gloves- otherwise your hands will turn magenta! In this case peel and slice beetroots into quarters and juice them
  2. Wash and juice the blackcurrants and mix together with the beetroot juice
  3. Add the syrup, pour the mixture into a metal container and mix gently
  4. Pop into the freezer and churn every 30 min for the next 2 hrs.
  5. Serve into an ice bowl and decorate with a delicate flower

The Accelerator: Pineapple and Chili Sorbet

Makes 900 grams


1 large pineapple, skin removed and cut into pieces
2 red chilies finely chopped
Juice of ½ lime
250 ml syrup


  1. Using a chef’s knife cut the pineapple in half to stabilize and remove skin by rotating the fruit and cutting section by section. Then get rid of the middle section (the stiff part of the fruit), finally roughly chop and juice
  2. Finely chop the chilies and add to the pineapple juice, pouring the mixture into a metal container
  3. Pop into freezer, churn every 30 min for next 2 hrs.
  4. Serve into an ice bowl and decorate with a delicate flower!

And now the health benefits:

Pineapple combined with chili accelerates the body’s metabolism. Bromelan, a protein present in Pineapple assists the breakdown of food we consume, easing digestion. Chilies possess the same function, through capsaicin, an active ingredient responsibly for chili’s hot taste. Not only do we feel a burning sensation when we eat chilies but the burning also accelerates the break down of food into basic elements, essentially speeding up the calorie burn-down process! Furthermore both pineapple and chilies are loaded with vitamin C, the most important antioxidant element protecting the body from free radicals and boosting the immunity.

Beetroot combined with cassis (blackcurrants) detoxify our cells. Beetroot assists liver function and facilitates iron consumption, thereby purifying blood and recovering blood cells. Betacyanin, an active ingredient present in beetroot fights cancer by purifying damaged cells, while its antioxidant properties fight slow down the body’s aging process. Blackcurrants, are packed with fiber and maintain the body’s elimination process (where the largest amount of toxins are expelled), blackcurrants’ active ingredient, anticyanin recovers the nervous system encouraging its smooth function.

Finally the verdict!

Counting on health benefits, taste and texture combined I prefer the accelerator to the detoxifier. The combination of pineapple and chilies is a must-try! Also the colors are vibrant and the health benefits are not to be ignored either! What do you think? Do you prefer the accelerator or the detoxifier? Post a comment here, tweet on @indigomemoirs or write on the indigomemoirs Facebook page!



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