Lunch for the champions: sumer bibimbap

I have never experienced eating such nutritious and perfectly balanced meal as I did in Korea. Yesterday I tasted a healthier version of the already healthy bibimbap, literally meaning rice mixed with vegetables and chili sauce. This is only the beginning of my journey to exploring Korean food, whose ingredients and cooking techniques are carefully selected and cultivated with knowledge over the centuries- and today I can say that the Korean cuisine is reaching perfection just like Korean technology.

Seaweed is so normal and standard in Korean everyday cooking

Why such praise for Korean food? Yesterday my bibimbap meal included ginko and ginseng seeds, vitamin C packed sour kraut or Kimchi, organic brown rice from Icheon, duduck chili sauce, another powerful source of Vitamin C, bean, tofu and seafood soup, and a rainbow of steamed and raw vegetables, each with its own special health attributes. How can you not praise Korean food? It keeps your tummy full, your cells happy, maximizing your physical and mental performance- how food was originally used and valued for!


Fresh ginko seeds I picked out the other day in a farm near Seoul

Healthy appetiser- raw veg with bean sauce

Deserts are also as nutritious as the other savory meals and snacks- pancakes made from barley eaten with bean paste spread (in comparison with wheat and dairy Western version pancake eaten with high calorie and low nutritional value jams, nutella and other spreads), rice cookies with sesame seed powder, seaweed cornets a and multi seed crepes! The variety of healthy alternatives is incredible and inspiring!

Rice cookies with beans and seeds sold at the Hyundai department store

As my food mission consists of learning and practicing the art of delicious and healthy cooking I am going to turn my attention to Korean food and hopefully provide you with interesting, delicious and nutritious meal ideas in my following Monday posts! For the time being I strongly encourage you to do some of your own research in Korean food and cooking, try simple recipes and see if you love it as much as I do!

Bean, tofu and seafood soup, kimchi and mushroom and daikon pickles with sesame seeds

I am happy to hear your own thoughts, ideas and culinary experiences on Korean cuisine! Post them here, on the indigomemoirs facebook page or tweet them @indigomemoirs. Also follow me on bloglovin’ for regular indigomemoirs post and feeds 🙂 Thanks so much!!

2 responses to “Lunch for the champions: sumer bibimbap

  1. Indeed, I also discovered the delicacies and healthy attributes of Korean cuisine, just a bit too late in my eating career. The banchan and jjigae have endless possibilities, and as you mentioned desserts too don’t have to be unhealthy. There’s one stand-out composed of cinnamon broth with pine nuts and a red date to sprinkle atop…have you tried it? Do you also extol the dolsot?

    • Wow, all of those sound amazing!! Unfortunately I wasn’t as adventurous to try all of those, which gives me some homework to do- will check out the recipes and try to make them myself 🙂 Dolsot is amazing, I had it for lunch almost every day! I also love all of the snacks, especially the crunchy ones with seaweed!

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