Another Asian food occasion: crispy fish with mango

This summer is definitely turning into an Asian summer- and who is there to blame, Asian food is so unique, so inspiring and sooo delicious! For today I have another special Thai dish that I prepared back in London, but in a later article I am going to introduce Korean food for the first time in my blog- so get ready!

If you ask my why I love Asian food so much the best answer I am going to give you is: Asians are risk takers when it comes to flavor combinations and the risk almost always pays of! I love how they use fruits with savory foods as well as combining pulses such as beans and rice starches in deserts. Finally and I haven’t mentioned this before, back in Istanbul I had the chance to try a delicious desert made with chicken breast called Gulach- sounds disguising but it was absolutely delicious. So, the journey of creativity starts at the intersection between Europe and Asia; the further the destination the more fascinating the food 🙂

I am of course saying this from an European point of view and I know Asians think the same about Western food- I see how fascinated they are from European wine, cheese and American donuts- especially Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Doughnuts, they are totally hooked on it! I guess the ‘opposite attracts’ rule applies also to food 🙂

The recipe I prepared for you today is Yam pla krop or crispy fish with mango. I have altered it slightly by using lemon sole instead of sweet water fish as suggested in the recipe. The end result was incredibly fresh and crunchy!

Crispy fish with mango

Serves two


Medium sized catfish, trout or other fresh water fish (or my version with lemon sole)
6 large lettuce leaves for decoration
Vegetable oil, for flying
3 small red shallots, finely sliced

For the dressing:

1 green mango, finely sliced into small wedges
1 carrot cut into batonnets
1 celery stalk cut into batonnets
1 tbsp. fish sauce
1 tsp. sugar
3 small red chilies finely chopped


  1. Arrange the lettuce leaves on a plate and keep aside for later
  2. Prep the vegetables, finely slice the shallots and cut celery and carrot into batonnet style, firstly by making equal blocks 4 cm in length then cutting them into a batonnet shape

  3. Prep the fish (buy it filleted for convenience) then slice into equal
  4. Heat the oil for frying in a sauce pan (as soon as bubbles start to appear the oil is ready)
  5. Fry the shallots (be careful not to burn them! Take the out as soon as they start to color slightly)
  6. Prepare a plate with kitchen cloth to remove oil from shallots
  7. Fry the lemon sole, for 5 min and place on kitchen cloth
  8. Prepare the sauce by mixing all ingredients together
  9. Mix fish, vegetables and sauce, place on top of lettuce, followed by the crispy shallot and a wedge of mango for decoration



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