A peace of soul

Jeju tea experience- freshly brewed tea from paradise island located in the east sea in South Korea

Boxer patriotism- would you like a pair??

Man enjoying view and cool breeze on one of Seoul’s many hills. I saw many hikers in full gear walking up the hill during extreme heat at noon time- people really care about sports here! Not surprisingly winning many medals at the London Olympics

Pillars at Changkok palace, where the king resided until Japanese occupation

Traditional soldier at salutation of the king ceremony

Student museum invasion- more lethal than the Korean War itself! Just kidding, they are harmless and cute in the Seoul War museum- which by the way I don’t recommend to anyone after the age of 8

Children are extremely important in South Korea. Names are chosen 100 days after birth, and the first birth day is celebrated with mugwort flavoured rice cake, a time when the child’s future is predicted. Many gifts are brought to the celebration and if the child chooses a pencil he/she will have a successful career while if he/she chooses a string he/she will have a long and happy life

Miss piggy souvenirs at Dongdaemun market

Sweet Dreams… Half a pig’s head I found among piles of other mixed stuff in Namdaemun market

Noodle-land, you will find instant noodle at every corner and every shop, just wandering how you can make them without any hot water

Tasting Korean food for the first time! This cold soba buckwheat noodle dish was my favorite

A pile of dried anchovies- Europeans looking for fish? Here is where you can get some

Still trying to figure out what on earth is this? A mouse, a chipmonk? Anyway it’s enough to know that it is used as a herbal medicine ingredient- disgusting

Accessories from local designers at Dongdaemun market

Stone engraving details at Changkdok palace

Antique Bird trio at the National Museum

Interesting symbol I found on top of one of the buddhist temples. Do any of you know what it means? Anyways it’s artistically stimulating

Morning prayer at local Buddhist temple. South Korea’s population is an eclectic mix of religions including Buddhism, Catholicism and Protestantism. Furthermore South Korean Culture is grounded on Confucian beliefs and philosophy

Organizer at ‘mock’ salutation ceremony in Seoul- such a cool uniform!

Entrance of Changkok palace

Baseball practice in Hangang Park- I seriously don’t know how they manage to play with 40 degrees outside- incredible!

Agriculture lady selling green ‘stuff’- amusing contrast with the rest of modern Seoul

Yet another creative ‘herbal’ medicine- just this one has metamorphosized into a worm looking thing

Two men in traditional clothing normally worn during religious ceremonies

A man maintaining the riverside in Changkok palace

Waterfall shaped skyscraper visible from accross my room in the Park Hyatt. Did you know that it was a Korean construction company building the tallest building in the world located in Dubai?

Traditional housing in the Buchok Hanok district in Seoul- very rare to find in super skyscraper city

Palace window with typical Korean design pattern

Stone stair detail at Changdok palace

Beautiful pine tree in Palace court

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