Summer sorbet series: round four: Maximus Hibiscus vs Augustus Citrus

This Wednesday we are celebrating the antioxidant sorbet series- Maximus Hibiscus aka Hibiscus tea leaf sorbet vs. Augustus Citrus aka Citrus fruit sorbet which equally help to maintain your youth and energy guaranteed until your 150th birthday! Don’t worry if you have accumulated bad habits such as smoking and drinking because both of these sorbets provide defense against you body’s worst enemies: cancer and heart diseases.

Hibiscus Tea flower

A generous bowl of citrus fruit

Hibiscus flower, or tea made from the Hibiscus flower’s dried leaves is famous for its blood pressure and bad cholesterol reducing properties. The flower is packed with antioxidants, high levels of Vitamin C and minerals that in turn form a protective shield for the body’s immunity system. There is an additional bonus for those of you monitoring your sugar intake- hibiscus flower’s amalyze inhibition property reduces the amount of sugar absorbed by the body, making it an ideal sorbet flavor (you consume less of the sugar content in the sorbet.)

Citrus fruits provide the highest source of vitamin C- one of the most crucial and life guarding vitamins. Vitamin C nourishes our body’s inner and outer organs through the performance of antioxidant functions. Externally Vitamin C builds collagen and protects our skin from aging while internally it repairs free radical damage, which in turn is responsible for life’s most threatening disease- cancer. Apart from Vitamin C citrus fruits are rich in folate, a chemical responsible for new cell production, potassium, a mineral stabilizing the body’s water and acid balance, and phytochemicals, essential plant elements that protect the body’s immunity system.

Excited about all the health benefits? Here are the recipes for the delicious antioxidant sorbets:


Hibiscus flower sorbet:


Makes 5 cups


50 g Dried hibiscus flower
750 ml water
750 ml sugar syrup (250ml water and 250g sugar makes 400 ml syrup)



  1. Leave dried hibiscus flowers to soak overnight
  2. The following day drain the flowers and pour the ready liquid into a separate container
  3. Prepare the syrup, allow it to cool and mix it together with the hibiscus tea
  4. Pop into the freezer and stir every 30 min for the next 2 hours
  5. Serve on a ice made bowl and pick a beautiful flower to place in the center

Citrus fruit sorbet


Makes 3 cups


200 ml sugar syrup
6 Oranges
1 Grapefruit
2 Lemons
2 Limes



  1. Peel and juice all the citrus fruit

  2. Prepare the sugar syrup, allow it to cool down
  3. Mix the juice with the syrup, pour in aluminum or other metal container
  4. Pop into the freezer, stir every 20 min for the next 2 hours
  5. Serve on a ice made bowl with a tiny bunch of delicate flowers


When I arrived in South Korea yesterday I was pleased to learn that Hibiscus is the national flower. To mark my arrival in S. Korea I am choosing Maximus Hibiscus aka Hibiscus flower sorbet as the ‘winner’ of this week’s summer sorbet series! Still I hope you will enjoy both of the sorbet recipes and get back to me with some feedback!



Hibiscus Flower
Citrus Fruits

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