Summer Sorbet Series: round three- Naomi Cranbell vs. Ava Guavalupe

We are already half-way through the summer competition for the best sorbet. As I already mentioned in week one and two, sorbets are healthy desert alternatives, a midway between fresh fruit and other pastries. Sorbets are made fresh to be eaten fresh and hence retain all the fruit’s nutrients.

This week we have two different tasting, different looking sorbets which are equally important for our health:

Cranberry sorbet aka Naomi Cranbell


Guava sorbet aka Ava Guavalupe

Cranberry: Probably the single most important health benefit that cranberries provide is protection from UTI (urinary tract infection). I chose to make this sorbet because I personally suffer frequently from UTIs and the idea of making a sorbet out of something that is normally taken as a medicine was really inspiring, and so much more delicious than Cranberry pill or juice. Cranberries protect any type of infection really, because its active ingredient proanthocyadins, is known to block bacterial growth. Also their high Vitamin C content makes them an ideal fruit for maintaining your overall immunity.

Guava: Guava is a fruit for the most part, unfamiliar to me. It smells like a wild forest apricot while it tastes like a pear. It’s alkalinity, high potassium and high fiber content make it an optimal fruit for digestive health: its alkaline quality reduces acidity in the gut while the fiber ensures regular exertion. Moreover, the seeds present in the guava fruit scrub away mucus and other debris from the intestines. Guava is also taken to treat colds and flus.

Again really simple 5 min recipes!

Cranberry Sorbet

For 1 litre


200 ml Organic, additive free, sugar free pressed Cranberry juice (I suggest Biona. Any juice which is pasteurized and conserved eliminates the natural benefits of the Cranberry. If you are unsure buy fresh cranberries and press the juice yourself)
750 ml Sugar syrup
1 Orange, juiced
2 Lemons, juiced



  1. Juice the orange and the lemons and mix them with the cranberry juice.
  2. Mix the juice with the syrup, pour it into a metal container and freeze.
  3. Churn mixture every 30 min for the next two hours
  4. Serve fresh with some small flowers for decoration

Guava Sorbet

For 750 ml


3 Guavas (preferabily ripe)
Sugar Syrup
2-3 Limes



  1. Peel and slice guava
  2. Juice the limes
  3. Blend the guava together with the lime juice
  4. Mix with sugar syrup and freeze
  5. Churn mixture every 30 min for the next 2 hrs
  6. Serve fresh with a small bunch of flowers for decoration

It is really difficult to determine whether the Cranberry or the Guava Sorbet is better- each is very unique and both taste heavenly. One idea is to serve the Cranberry sorbet with a drop of a spirit of your choice and enjoy it as an aperitive while replace the after-meal digestive with the Guava sorbet.

Still my personal favorite is the Cranberry sorbet because of its miraculous healing properties and in particular its anti-infection quality.

Which one is your favorite sorbet? Comment here, on the Indigomemoirs Facebook page or tweet @indigomemoirs



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