Black delight: Turkish Rize Chay

Istanbul- inspiring, influential, interesting, how else can in be in the most beautifully located city in the World. Elevated on hills and surrounded by sea Istanbul is new and old, Ottoman and Byzantine a mix of different cultures.

Before arriving in Istanbul I always thought that Turkey is a coffee drinking country- we have all heard about the celebrated coffee, but never thought that Tea is present in people’s daily rituals. In fact, Turkey was a coffee drinking country up until 1924, when Ataturk encouraged farmers to grow tea as an alternative to the no longer cheap coffee.

Rize Chay, or Black tea from the Rize region in Turkey is the most common type of tea. You can have it light or strong, alone or with some sugar. The flavor is aromatic, very similar to the one of Earl Gray.

Since I have been drinking lots of it these past couple of days, I was wondering whether black tea has any health benefits, so I conducted some research. It appears that black tea contains many health benefits!

Black tea is rich with flavonoids and other polyphenols. Flavonoids are type of polyphenol or antioxidants that combat free radical cells, are said to combat cancer and prevent inflammation.

Black tea is known to reduce the blood sugar level, acting as a great preventive measure to the side effects arising from bad junky food choices that in turn fluctuate our sugar level.

Finally black tea is a safe guard against cardio-vascular diseases, preventing blood clots and regulating LDL (bad) cholesterol revel in the blood.

There now, black tea is not just caffeine as some of us are impelled to think! Its health benefits are varied and well appreciated!


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