Bee to the flower, Bach to the Soul

If you have been reading my Tuesday articles you can easily make a guess which medical camp I favor: conventional vs. holistic.

For some of you that are vaguely familiar with the distinction, the conventional camp favors treating diseases while the holistic camp favors preventing them.

This is yet another Tuesday dedicated to a practice that improves our wellbeing. Dr. Bach’s flower remedies are internationally recognized for their effective emotional and physical healing (they are recommended by Dr. Oz, used by celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Martha Stewart and Queen Elisabeth II). For your information Dr. Bach was not a Shaman but a doctor graduating from the Birmingham University and the University College London with degrees in medicine, further assisting solders during WWI and working for years as a private practitioner on Harley Street.

He specialized in bacteriology and pathology and his interest in flowers grew from intuition. One unfortunate day he suffered a hemorrhage and was given just three months to live after the operation. As soon as he could get up on his feet, he decided to dedicate each day of his life following his passion- making holistic remedies from flowers which can be used on a daily basis to treat a particular emotional problem without any side effects (Dr. Bach believed that all physical diseases are rooted in emotional problems).

The Bach flower remedies is not science fiction; it is supported by Einstein’s mass theory, represented in the formula E= mc2- where energy is equal to mass times the speed of light squared. In other words everything that our mind sees as solid matter is in reality floating particles in the form of energy. Flowers just like any other ‘solid matter’ are comprised of detached particles that vibrate in a certain form of energy. Emotions as you may know, are also a form of energy that affect our mind and since our mind controls everything, they affect our body too. What Dr. Bach discovered is that each flower, carries with itself its unique form of energy that in turn can treat a specific emotional symptom.


Drops are prepared using a tincture technique- the dew of the flower is diluted with spring water and combined in a 50:50 ratio with brandy whose purpose is to preserve the remedy. The tincture keeps the flower’s energy essence so that it can be used effectively as a medicine, consumed orally.

Dr. Bach has discovered 38 different flower essences each treating a specific deficiency- most of the time 4-5 are combined together for a holistic treatment of the patient. The greatest advantage about Dr. Bach’s flower remedies is that you can self-educate yourself to use them without the help of a practitioner, while using a practitioner as well if you want to. The remedy is completely harmless (there are no noted side effects) and you can take it together with all other medications and supplements.

For beginners though I recommend the Rescue remedy drops which is a combination of 5 flowers (Impatiens, Clematis, Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose and Cherry Plum) which can be taken either occasionally, preferably at times of worry, stress or sudden fear or as a remedy, four drops under the tongue four times a day as a therapy, best for over-stressed, anxious or fearful individuals.

I have been regularly using Bach Flower remedies for over ten years and survived many challenging periods with their help. What is your Bach remedy experience? Post a comment here or tweet @indigomemoirs


Dr. Bach Centre
Buy Dr. Bach remedies at Ainsworths


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