Summer sorbet series: round two: Melonie Gringer vs. Goran Avocadovic

Welcome to round two of the summer sorbet series session! If you have no clue what I am talking about, have a quick look at my last Wednesday’s article, which provides a detailed description of the five week long sorbet competition taking place this summer. In short, each Wednesday, I will introduce two super fresh and healthy sorbet recipes, which will in turn be judged on taste, texture, freshness, presentation and the health factor!

Orange and Avocado

Melon and Ginger

This week’s sorbet contestants are:

Melonie Ginger aka Melon and Ginger sorbet


Goran Avocadovic aka Orange and Avocado sorbet

Both of them extremely delicious, each sorbets is a nutrient bomb! Forget about supplements during the summer and enjoy one or both for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Melon (Cantaloupe)– is one of my favorite summer fruits because it is light, easily digestible and fresh (if you store it in the fridge and serve it cold, you are already half way to making a sorbet!). This fruit is magnificently low in calories, just  (54 kcal) per melon and full of healthy nutrients- predominantly vitamins A & C. Melon is also very varied in the nutrients it provides- eating a melon is like drinking a multi vitamin and mineral! Its freshness and nutrients combine to provide an anti-inflammatory effect to the body.

Ginger– most of us are aware of Ginger’s health benefits. Some of us, however, don’t particularly like ginger because of its strong taste…well today you have no excuse because the combination of melon and ginger is just divine- you don’t taste the ginger but enjoy all its health benefits, so how about that!

Just a few ingredients! Melon, fresh ginger and stem ginger syrup

Ginger is extremely important for your gastro-intestinal health; it eases digestion and regulates bacterial growth in the gut (basically it prevents food poisoning). Due to its anti-inflammatory attributes, ginger is perfect for flus and colds.

Avocados– some of us are afraid of the Avocado’s very high calorie content (233 kcal) per avocado, but missing out on the other, very nutritious active ingredients. The reason why avocados are high in calories is because they are very high in natural fats. The fat in the avocado is what makes our skin bright, protects our heart from foreign matters and makes other nutrients, especially carotenes absorbable- many nutrients are fat soluble and cannot be absorbed without fats. Avocados are also anti-inflammatory and regulate the blood sugar level (low GI fruit)

Orange– now that’s a common one! I’m sure even a three year old can tell you about health benefits of an orange. You all know it’s very high in vitamin C, which means that it provides a great buffer for your immunity system, charging you with antioxidants. Furthermore, research points to possible cholesterol-lowering benefits. Finally oranges are a great source of fiber.

Avocado, orange and a squeeze of lime

And now the recipes….


Melon and Ginger Sorbet

Serves ten


2 melons cut into wedges then chopped
1 stem ginger, chopped
1 tbsp. stem ginger syrup
1 small piece fresh ginger (no bigger than the size of a spoon)
200 ml stock syrup (see recipe from previous post)


  • Prep the fruit (chop)
  • Juice all fruit together
  • Add the syrup (for half juice add half syrup)
  • Pop into freezer and churn every half an hour for 2 hrs.
  • Serve on ice with a piece of mint

It takes three simple steps to make a sorbet! Chop, juice, freeze!

Avocado and Orange sorbet

Serves 10


2-3 Ripe Avocados
5 oranges, juiced
2 limes, juiced
300 ml stock syrup (see recipe from previous post)


  • Peel avocados. Use either your hand or chop in half and remove flesh with a spoon
  • Juice the oranges and limes
  • Add avocado, orange and lime juice and syrup together and blend
  • Pop into freezer and churn every half an hour and churn every 2 hrs.
  • Serve on ice with a piece of mint

I have to admit it was really difficult choosing a winning sorbet this week! Both were delicious and fresh; the avocado and orange sorbet texture was more similar to ice cream texture while the melon and ginger sorbet texture was more watery and juicy. Still, this competition needs a winner and this time it will be Goran Avocadovic (Orange and avocado) simply because it is a dairy-free ice cream tasting sorbet 🙂

I recommend you to make both at home because they are so simple and such a perfect summer dessert. Let me know which one is your favorite! Please post a comment here or a tweet @indigomemoirs

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