Turn the light on, trace the sound

A music record, a photo camera- two man made machines capturing life’s moments and sounds, interpreting sound moments or moments of the sound.

The black sound colors our mood, the contrasting photographs color our imagination of the moments passed on stage performing. Such is the effect of music and photography or photography celebrating music.

Manchester born photographer Kevin Cummins captures authentic and raw portraits of rock musicians from the Manchester’s music scene. ‘The Smiths’, featured in ‘Manchester: So much to answer for’ ‘feel at home’ in the Proud gallery based in Camden, the heart of alternative London.

The exhibition is a retrospective of ‘the Smith’s”, a Manchester based Indie-Rock band from the 80s. The photographs are both personal and contextual- they document the Manchester at the time and capture the ‘Smith’s identity whose head singer, Morrissey resembles incredibly of Robbie Williams- a 21st century pop version.

Black and white photography couldn’t have been a better choice of medium- providing a refreshing uniqueness and contrasting with the structural characteristics of post-modernist movement dominant at that time period.

More on music and art in future posts! For the time being drop me a comment or a tweet of your personal opinion regarding the relationship between art and music and the wider socio-contextual environment affecting them both!

Credits to JP Hion, providing great photography for this article

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