A patchwork of everything

These photographs sum up the impressions of this week’s outs in abouts: coffee break at Monmouth in Borough Market, food tasting at St Martin’s courtyard in Covent Garden, scone and tea at Brown’s new opening on Sloane Street- there was also Madonna’s concert in Hyde park on Tuesday but it was impossible to take photos with my iPhone.

The highlight was definitely Madonna‘s concert- the show was brilliantly executed, just as expected! Lots of controversial scenes, amazing dancing acts, superb styling…and… ‘Shagara Jo”- a phrase Madonna kept shouting. It means ‘crushing apples’ a Basque expression that refers to crushing judgments and discrimination of any kind including  age, sex, nationality, social class. The repeating theme throughout the concert was this great concept of being proud of who we are and accepting others the way they are. Brilliant!

Can you see Madonna? She’s so tiny!!

The lowdown of the week was St Martin’s Courtyard food fair. It was a total disappointment actually- I arrived there thinking that I am going to taste amazing international food, judging from the looks of the photograph presented the Evening Standard food guide. There were just 3-4 poorly arranged stands from nearby restaurants promoting their food products. The only highlight from the entire experience was making a frozen fruit smoothie by riding a bicycle.

Cycling a smoothie!

If you haven’t yet had a coffee at Monmouth I definitely recommend that you go because it is one of the few places in London, where you can enjoy a true coffee experience. Choose your favorite bean (I recommend Java beans for the depth of flavor) and have your favorite coffee with a pastry. You can’t miss Monmouth because you will smell the coffee from 100 m away!

Apricot and almond pastry with cappucino!


Finally, I went to the opening of Browns new shop, which is now located further down on Sloane street, just next to Sloane square. Browns is one of highest regarding fashion retailers with one of the best selection of high end brands. If you want a personalized shopping experience and you have a bit of cash to spend, I recommend this store to you. Winter season is already in and there are some lovely bright fluo color pieces, especially hats and pashminas.

My day finished with a dinner of nearby restaurant, the Botanist, where I had delicious scallops and samphire and a Cod with salsa verde, pancetta and new potatoes.

Wish you a good Friday

Did you like reading about my week’s experience or would like to share some of your week’s activities? Post a comment or a tweet @indigomemoirs.


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