Zucchini fettucine Alraw

Fresh ingredients from Borough Market!

It’s already the middle of summer and we need more fresh recipes that do not compromise on taste! Without taste food is no more a pleasure but an obligation… think about a kid’s face when they see a steamed broccoli in their plate- you know what I am talking about!

But taste doesn’t mean that we need to bombard our food with fat and calories! You can enjoy a perfectly nutritious meal that as tasty as any of your comfort food alternatives!

I am dedicating this post to the Borough Market blogging challenge- about a recipe from an ingredient chosen at Borough Market. Remember my Friday post on Borough Market? It’s a pretty great place to pick out fresh ingredients, and I must admit it was a tough to choose a favorite one. Eventually I decided on zucchini because it is such a simple yet versatile vegetable that is perfect for the summer days- and it can be eaten RAW!

I know that fried zucchini taste pretty fantastic at your local Italian restaurant, but have you ever tasted zucchini fettuccine with raw Alfredo sauce? Pretty great stuff, promise!

Summer is the best time to prepare raw food recipes because fresh ingredients are more accessible. Preparation and cooking time are also quicker then when cooking traditional pasta recipes. Also you manage to eat all the enzymes, minerals and vitamins present in raw food (cooked vegetables loose most of their nutritional value). Finally raw cooking is incredibly creative because you are preparing real alternatives to cooked foods not just plain boring salads.

So….are you ready for it?

Here it is!!

Zucchini Fettuccine Al’Raw

Serves 2:


2 medium sized zucchinis
100 g cashew nuts
2 garlic cloves
A bunch of thyme leaves
300 ml organic coconut milk
1 large brown mushroom
Salt to taste
10 ml extra virgin olive oil


  1. Use a lemon zester to shread zucchini into a fettuccine-like form. Repeat until you reach the seeds of the zucchini.

    Who would have thought that the zucchini fettuccine would look as lovely as the real thing!

  2.  Chop the large mushroom. Steam for 8 min. For steaming prepare a large pot with water and place a smaller container (I used my quiche dish) on top of the pan in such a way that the water does not touch the container. Cover with a lid.
  3. Blend together the cashew nuts, coconut milk, thyme, salt, garlic cloves and olive oil. Check the taste and add more salt if necessary.

    The smell is fantastic!

  4. Season the steamed mushrooms with olive oil and salt and mix together with the raw alfredo sauce.
  5. Poor over zucchini fettuccine and serve!

    Green Love- Zucchini Fettuccine with creamy raw mushroom Alfredo sauce

Enjoy the taste of freshness!

What are your favorite raw recipes? Tell me all about them here or @indigomemoirs! You can never have enough of healthy raw food during the hot summer months

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