Borough a bright morning for a market stroll!

When you wake up wandering what to do on a sunny morning in London go to a market. Preferably a food market. Ideally Borough market!

You will learn that cheese is called formaggio in Italian because it develops a ‘form’ when is kept in a barrel. You will also learn that producers hid salt in their cheese so that it would not be discovered by officials from the church (salt was a highly valued asset at the time!), only to discover that salted cheese tastes pretty great! Make sure you pop by in Gastronomica to hear more about the amusing cheese stories!

Taste some delicious Iberico jamon at Brindisa or buy some for home which you can later enjoy with some toasted ciabatta, a colorful tomato and some crunchy smoked red pimiento. Or, if on a budget, just follow your senses (eyes and nose) directly to your favorite vendors and try their delicious homemade food.

Experience buying vegetables in a new way from what you are normally used to, (and I am writing this to those of you who are caught up in your urban lifestyles, consuming from large supermarket chains) where you can actually pick up, smell the vegetable and judge its freshness and tastiness from experience.

Choosing ingredients is a process, a visual interplay requiring a high level of creativity and an appetite to learn, to discover. Today I saw a group of primary schoolchildren at the market and I was quite pleased to see that their school is making an active effort to teach children about how real food looks like! Saturday food shopping at the local bazaar with my grandpa was a norm for me as a child- could not have imagined my childhood otherwise!

Whether you eat to live or live to eat you will have fun at Borough market, and its community of artisanal vendors, pubs, caffes, restaurants and flower shops. Why not tell me about your experience there? Drop me a comment or tweet me on @indigomemoirs

Wish you great Friday!


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