Aló, aló, London calling!

Yet another exiting Art-article this Saturday! Going to continue exploiting London as a theme for my posts- who can blame me? Firstly the city in-itself is a brand name and secondly there is just so much going on here in 2012!

What best represents London? Is it the red double decker bus or the red phone booth? Well, buses you can find anywhere even though non-red and decker-less… hence that leaves the red phone-booths- only some of them are not quite red anymore!

The once commonly used public good has naturally lost its functional value with the advances in technology- remaining a purely symbolic, face of London… until artists provided some of those faces with names and unique identities, converting the long lost functional value into an artistic treasure, to be appreciated by the public once again.

What lesson can we draw? The key to positive social externality maintenance is: transform the waste into art and share it with the world!

You economists out there, learn your lessons from the artists so we can all be smarter and happier!

* I am dedicating this article in memory of the lives lost during 07/07/05 London terrorist attacks.

Artbox in cooperation with BT


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