Hi-life on Hi-street

If you are a tourist wondering where to spend your next long weekend- don’t bother coming to London!

I am not saying this because the Olympic games are approaching and commuting will take the form of canned sardines, but rather because you would lack the time and for that matter, the mental capacity and understanding of London’s microcosms, each unique and beautiful in its characteristic way.

Landmarks such as Big Ben, Tower bridge, London Bridge, Harrods, Trafalgar Square, Picadillly Circus, Oxford Street, Buckingham Palace can be fascinating to ‘fresher’ tourists and to 14 year olds English summer-schoolers but not much to the rest of us- after all we were at least provided with the opportunity to see them plenty of times on TV.

London’s beauty lies in its local micro-communities- if you’re a sober spectator, the amount of creative detail you will spot is endless; each and every component makes sense, it completes a whole.

Marylebone high-street, for instance, represents a platform of large and small landmarks that complement one another and create a balanced harmony; on the one hand there are the monumental giants such as Selfridges, the Wallace Collection and St. James Church while on the other there are smaller yet brighter stars such as the renowned Daunt bookshop, the healthy Natural kitchen, Fish works- the local fishmonger, Les Providores fusion style cuisine, the French Paul and Pan quotidian boulangeries, Sandro, Theory, Ash and other trendy high street boutiques, the local Waitrose, and on weekends, Marylebone farmers markets. Finally, last but not least you do encounter the occasional English bulldog grinning at you 🙂

So next time you are in London take a more strategic approach and go local. There is no better way to do this then following my Fun Friday posts for more cool ideas!



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