Gymnast/Writer: Swiss ball and mat is to pen and paper

There are two groups of athletes in my opinion: those that exercise regularly, integrating fitness with their daily routine for years, if not decades and those that are nothing more and nothing less than active mental exercisers :)- people that discuss their future fitness routine and consequently join a gym, buy a static bicycle or a tennis racquet that they end up not using since they lack the time/are too tired/ have something better to do.

For those of you in the second category, don’t be shy :)- building healthy habits take time and continuous conscious effort- which is why you need an easy, fuss free fitness method to get you started- and I am about to provide you one today!

Remember the day that you furnished you kitchen for the very first time? You needed to buy all the basic utensils in order to make your espresso, fry your eggs and toast your bread in the morning… Apparently there are some fitness must haves as well, and so far you have been buying all the wrong ones- a static bike takes too much space and can be very intimidating while you choose to watch your favorite TV show together with your yummy snack!

The fitness must haves to keep at home are:

1)    a simple yoga mat

2)    a Swiss ball

…which you can deflate and store in your cupboard! They are a great choice due to their functionality- not only do they take up almost no space but they are also multi- purposeful: you can do at least 100 different exercises using just those two items.

Unlike static gym machines, exercises involving just your body weight increase your overall strength and activate muscles that are normally dormant while performing conventional workouts at the gym. In addition, static body exercises increase your metabolic rate after you complete a session and facilitate the development of lean muscle!

The following exercises are some of my favorite that involve just your body and a Swiss ball- apart from two chest exercises that include drum-bells as well.

Happy workout!!


1. Ball drum-bell press

2. Ball chest fly

3. Ball push up


1. Ball crunch

2. Ball reverse crunch

3. Ball Jacknife

4. Ball Ab rollout


1. Ball scapular protraction

1. Ball Arm-Leg extension

2. Ball back extension

1. One legged ball squat
2. Ball hip abduction

3. Ball reverse leg curl

4. Ball squeeze


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