Heal with heel

The supplement(s) of the day are slightly different from what you normally expect. When I say supplement you probably imagine the chunky multi-vitamin you take every morning with your breakfast.

I am here to help you expand you supplement repertoire and hopefully, also to provide you with new and valuable information!

Today three supplements are homeopathic derivatives from powerful plant herbs that have been used extensively in traditional herbal medicine. Their general function is to detoxify you, although each withholds its unique feature.


Provides support to eliminate toxins from the lymphatic system. The function of the lymphatic system in our body is to support the bloodstream by exchanging nutrients, oxygen and hormones- in return the lymphs flush out the toxins, pathogens, and cell debris from our blood. Most of the lymph system is associated with the gut as this is the organ that is most vulnerable/in contact with toxins.

Lyphosot supports the maintenance of the lymphatic system- remove blockages and excess toxins that pile up in the lymph.

More about the lymphatic system on wolfe clinic

Nux Vomica

Whereas Lyphosot probably sounded a bit exotic to some of you, I can imagine that Nux Vomica sounds more familiar. Nux Vomica is a plant that grows mostly in Asia and Australia. Just like Lyphosot, Nux Vomica also entails a detoxing function that targets problems in the gut are such as diarrhea, vomiting, constipation, and indigestion. It also supports the nervous system and is a great medication for those suffering from nerve related diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parking’s. Finally, Nux Vomica helps eliminating addictions such as Alcoholism, addictions to coffee, sweets, and cigarettes by reducing the physical symptoms you feel during the withdrawal period.

More on Nux Vomica on live strong


Due to the natural antihistaminic properties of the Berberis herb, its primary function is anti-allergenic. Berberis also contains anti-inflammatory features and eases infections of all kinds: from urinary tract infections to more serious kidney infections and liver diseases. Just like the other two herbs, Berberis has a detoxifying effect on the body by eliminating foreign matter and removing imbalances.

Sounds great? Order the complete detox kit containing all three homeopathic remedies from the Heel website, and dilute 15-20 drops of each in ½ l of water, aim for drinking a liter a day (30-40 drops).

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