Meditation- Medication

What better way to start the day,
With an open mind, leave bad thoughts behind.
Smell the ocean breeze, allow the fly to tease,
Relax your face, find your inner place
Where happy butterflies unwind, in your heart you will find.

Become whole, join forces with earth, air, water and sun
Your journey to liberty has begun.
Don’t play a role, just be yourself
Leave bad memories on the dusty shelf,
Where they belong, don’t take me wrong
Smile and ignite
For that is the only road to the light.

Meditation unblocks your mind and opens a chasm where creative forces enter. After my 15 minute session I was in the mood to write this poem and share it with you! Who knew I could write poetry 🙂

Push yourself and try something new everyday- how will you otherwise know what suits you and what will not. So why not attempt meditation today?

You probably know already but I will remind you just in case 🙂

All you need is a quiet room where you feel comfortable, maybe a pillow to sit on, dimmed light… then simply close your eyes and allow your thoughts to pass through you like a movie track- do not attach yourself or analyze any time. If your brain automatically analyzes don’t power it by paying too much attention, allow it to do it’s thing and it will eventually seize.

Practice makes perfect of course!

Dedicate your Tuesday to your self, practice the activities you like make a ritual out of it and with time you will feel like a brand new person, full of life and energy.

If you are out of ideas for what to do, don’t worry- just read my Tuesday posts or any other posts to get some ideas
Today you could attempt a meditation and see how it turns out J Share your thoughts and experiences with me- I am very happy to hear them!!

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