Sun rises from the East

Late afternoon in Kyoto, two Geikos in full gear, making their way to a private dinner convention
 Traditional meets modern: boat shaped “getas” riden by Toyota wheels
Kyoto knife guildsman: immaculate quality, precision and tacit knowledge passed on from father to son over the centuries
Shanghai babe preparing tea ceremony
Dragon paints a monkey: Beijing stage actors before an evening showBird flu is a serious national concern: uber-cautious chef slicing a Peking duck
Young Cambodian economists: children singing a cute song in return for pocket money in dollars
Proud Cambodian husband and wife taking their wedding pictures at the Angkor Wat temple: wedding staging and photography is a lucrative business in Siam Reap
Village barter and banter: bag of tamarind for a pack of cigarettes
 Heat, Pray, Above- Tourist buddhist monks recording impressions and walking up-hill towards the ancient temple during a hot and humid afternoon
Thai fry street eat: happy food vendors serving delicious Thai food
A morning at Chatuchak Market: delicious coconut ice cream from the fragrant Thai cocos
Thai beauties: performing in traditional apsara style costumes
The thinking man & resting Kawasaki: waiting for the next journey
Worries of everyday life: waiting & hoping
When you are angry go to sleep, when you wake up the problem can be seen by fresh eyes/blurred vision
Who are you? Stop spying on my stock!
Ganesha’s curry leaf tree grows in the Jasmine paradise: the Indian community in Singapore
 Takeshi’s Manga network: Japanese fantasy faces
Hello Tokyo exhibition in Singapore: Japanese neo-Darwinist evolution

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