Kimchi dolphin and sake sea

I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed this Friday’s afternoon and evening! The afternoon commenced with an aperitif entertained by a very playful ocean community- dolphins! Thanks to the favorable weather conditions our dolphin-friends were very social during the visit. I took over 300 photographs and chose the best ones to share with you. It was a truly special and fun experience 🙂

Following the dolphin cruise I indulged in a kaisaki dinner organized by the resort. Kaisaki is a traditional Japanese multi course dinner offered to a group of guests in a private room accompanied by entertainment- normally geiko and maiko singing and playing an instrument.

This is my second kaisaki experience; the first one was in Hakkone, a small village located on Mount Fuji, Japan. The experience was truly authentic which is also why I couldn’t eat most of the dishes- they were too different from what I normally eat in Europe! I remember that the sashimi dish was with raw squid and jellyfish, the appetizer contained sea urchin, followed by a green tea soup with home made tofu, which sounds quite nice but the taste was too strong and finally a river fish which I got really excited about (since it was a normal looking fish) but soon discovered, with grin on my face, that the guts were not cleaned out!

My second kaisaki experience (today) was absolutely delicious, not authentic Japanese but rather a mix of Japanese, Korean and pan Asian styles. I especially enjoyed the job fish sashimi with wakame salad, the miso soup with onion rings and crunchy tofu and the sukiyaki beef with the super spicy sesame sauce!

Meanwhile, the absence of geiko and maiko entertainment was compensated by the wonderful afternoon dolphin dance.


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