Oh so yoga thursday

I am really not a regular yoga person but this time around on my holiday, I actually want to look and feel better than before I came. I know for some of you the perfect idea of a holiday is eating, drinking, swimming, tanning and partying- I used to be like that as well! But people, and especially ladies, why do you put so much effort to get the perfect beach body before your holiday and then end up binge drinking and pigging out as soon as you arrive to your beach destination?

My suggestion is: change your mind-set. Are you a skier during the winter? How is it that you have the energy to ski from 8 till 4 every day and get shockingly lazy during the summer? I know most of you are employed, only get a couple of weeks of holiday a year and want to just collapse on your sunbed with a pina collada in your hand….but maintaining wellness is a lifestyle choice-CORRECTION-a responsibility towards your health requirements!

Anyway I do not wish to preach to you anymore, you get the point! And how well you DO GET THE POINT. Look at all these health minded yoga enthusiasts at Times square on June 20th this year!

So a little bit about yoga from a non expert to hopefully other non experts (to all of you experts that happened to stumble upon my beginner yoga article I apologize!)

There are many reasons why yoga is good for you. Among these are physical, health and spiritual benefits. Many exercise to improve their physical shape (appear more attractive), loose weight and those of you into competitive sports exercise to improve strength, stamina and agility. A growing group of individuals are experiencing the health and spiritual benefits from holistic “sports’ such as yoga. It is scientifically proven that yoga is health enhancing.

Yoga benefits




Stable autonomic nervous system equilibrium

Anxiety and Depression decrease

Total cholesterol decreases

Pulse rate decreases

Concentration improves

Glucose decreases

Respiratory rate decreases

Mood improves

Triglycerides decrease

Blood pressure decreases (of special significance for hyporeactors)

Self-acceptance increase

Vitamin C increases

Cardiovascular and respiratory efficiency increases

Depth perception improves

Total white blood cell count decreases

Gastrointestinal function normalizes

Learning efficiency improves

Lymphocyte count increases

Endocrine function normalizes

Sodium decreases

Excretory functions improve
Musculosceletal flexibility and joint range of motion increase
Eye-hand coordination improves
Balance improves
Sleep improves
Weight normalizes
Energy level increases
Endurance increases
Posture improves
Immunity increases


ABC of Yoga

Great yoga blog sources:

Daily Cup of Yoga

Yoga Dork

Damn Good Yoga

Asanas (poses) from my dynamic yoga class:

  1. Downward facing dog
  2. Cobra
  3. Lotus arm stretch pose
  4. Half plank pose

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