Psyllium Husk- meet your future skinny self’s new, stunning, body-friend!

Psyllium husk originates from the Plantain plant, and is a much more well rounded herb then mentioned in the title. But since most of you enter a trance like state when you hear word skinny, I decided to go for the most important USP of this wonder herb before acquainting you with the other, great, body-friend qualities.

Makes you feel full

Reduces hunger cravings

Cleanses your intestines

71 g of 100g is fiber

Controls your weight

Expels fat and toxins

Helps regular bowel movement

Scrubs your intestines (gets rid of your nasty sticky bits)

Reduces LDL cholesterol

Regulates Diabetes

All qualities that are great on paper. For an optimal relationship with your new body friend make sure you get yourself the water soluble Psyllium husks and drink it with plenty of water- minimum two glasses with one spoon of the powder mix.

You are welcome in advance!

Have a great detox Wednesday!

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