Pitta, Vata or Kapha? A 5000 year wise breakfast

What is Ayurveda (life-knowledge)?

As the name suggests Ayurveda means life knowledge in sanscrit. The knowledge of life originated 5000 yeas ago in India and encompasses general mind and body wellbeing and corresponding medicine, exercise, diet and cleansing systems that support the balance of the mind and the body.

What are doshas?

In Ayurveda doshas represent metabolic types. There are three different metabolic types: vata, pitta and kapha. An ayurvedic practitioner can accurately diagnose your metabolic type through a pulse reading technique. Otherwise, you can read through the characteristics of each type and discover your type based on which characteristics you have most in common.

Breakfast balancing your dosha type

The Ayurvedic dosha balancing breakfast combination are prescribed by the host Ayurvedic practitioner at our Maldives resort.

  1. Vata

Shooter of coconut milk with turmeric
Carrot and ginger juice
Freshly cut orange and grapefruit
Hot porridge, banana, apple and pumpkin seeds with cinnamon and honey
Ginger tea

2.  Pitta

  Shooter of wheatgrass
Bowl of broth with bitter greens and dahl (Indian style lentil stew)
Freshly cut papaya and mango
Small muesli with low fat yogurt, apple and shredded coconut
Apple tea

       3.   Kapha Breakfast

Shooter of pomegranate juice
Bitter cocoa with skimmed milk
Corn muffins and buckwheat pancakes with butter and maple syrup
Fenugreek tea

Which dosha type are you?

Vata Pitta Kapha
Skin is dry, chaps easily, rough, cool, prominent veins Medium build Thick, ample or stocky build. Larger bone-structure.
Hair is coarse and dry  Moderate body weight, may  be athletic, muscular Overweight
Small, active, dark eyes Oily skin, warm, sensitive skin, reddish, inflamed Thick skin, cool, prone to acne
Lips are thin, dry, chap easily Hair is fine, oily, may have balding or premature graying Thick hair, shiny, lustrous
Brittle, ridged or cracked nails Medium, penetrating, light sensitive eyes Large, round eyes with thick eyelashes
Variable appetite, can get very hungry Lips are soft, medium-size Lips are large, smooth, full
Little strength, tires easily Soft and flexible nails Strong and thick nails
Very physically active Medium strength Strong, good endurance
Bowel movements irregular, hard, dry Strong appetite, irritable if you miss a meal or can’t eat when you’re hungry Less active, sometimes lethargic
Mind is active, restless Enjoys physical activity, especially competitive Bowel movements thick, oily, heavy, slow
Tendency toward fear or anxiety when under stress Bowel movements easy and regular, soft, oily and loose Mind is calm and slow
Recent memory is good, long-term memory is poor Mind is focused and sharp Tendency to avoid situations that are difficult
Light sleeper Tend toward anger, frustration or irritability when under stress Memory is slow but sustaining
Cold hands and feet, little perspiration Excellent memory Sound, heavy sleeper
Dreams are fearful, flying, movement Usually sleep well Dreams peaceful, romantic, water, ocean
Tendency towards constipation, anxiety, nervousness, poor sleep Good circulation, perspire frequently Tendency towards respiratory congestion, water retention, lymph congestion, cystic acne, tiredness
Dreams fiery, angry, violence, passionate
Tendency towards inflammation, high blood pressure, hypersensitive, aggression

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