Quod non est in actis non est in mundo (what is not kept in the records, does not exist)

Ancient latin proverb that stresses a truth above all truths- winners write history, losers do not exist in maps.
Ancient Globe

I love and hate old maps, they are subjective and interesting and balance of power artifacts. They are also artistic prints not computer graphs. On the other hand many times they are inaccurate, inconsiderate and untruthful to facts- especially for the dominated. The dominant on the other hand are grand, meticulously accurate and larger in size.

You can learn a lot about your country’s current political and economic situation just by looking at old maps while there are many editions of Switzerland and the United Kingdom from the 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th centuries I didn’t find one map depicting clear territorial demarcation of Macedonia in any time period nor in any kingdom/state (I looked at maps of the Ottoman Empire and Yugoslavia too) ergo our political situation doesn’t surprise me at all.
Switzerland 17th centuryUnited Kingdom

Old maps are inspirational storytellers. They come in comic forms and they recur in modern art, so one should not take them seriously, because each of us has a different map in mind and this is increasingly so due to globalization. Treat others as you like to be treated yourself; treat other nations as you would like your own to be treated.
Comic EuropeAsian countries with European nation names

Sources and places to buy old maps:
London Map Fairs
Altea Gallery
Crouch Rare Books
International map collectors society


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