Art on a scone

For those of you wondering how to have fun @ five o’clock in London there are two things you can do

1) enjoy an afternoon tea with spongy scones, clotted cream and strawberry jam

2) sip your tea in lovely silverware at the Wolseley

Ah … and if you would like to take the entire experience up a notch, visit the summer exhibition at the Royal Academy of Art, and amuse your guest with art talk while sipping your Wolseley afternoon blend.

Today I am sharing my favorite photos of paintings I liked which in turn I sneakily took with my iPhone- apparently you are not allowed to take photos of the summer exhibition in order to protect the vulnerable up-and-coming artists (I am assuming this is the case). Art is reproduced on a continual basis and its not like artists are sitting on a chair waiting for ideas to happen- rather they go around, steal bits and pieces and make them their own in their art, ergo imposing copyright on art is rather silly.

The scones on the other hand were less problematic, correction, far less problematic and I enjoyed them very much indeed. A tea and scone moment in silverware is golden, for a moment I even thought I was exchanging gossip with the Duchess of Cambridge at Buckingham palace, (a fantasy of many English afternoon tea drinkers I am sure).

I should also comment on the art I suppose? I will let the critics do that this time… today is just about fun and mundane social activities.

P.S. Whenever someone stops you from taking photos, switch on the silent mode on your phone and pretend to be writing a message, when in fact you are taking your picture J. Try your best to be discrete, as once they actually tried to confiscate my phone in Cambodia, upon noticing, although I hardly believe that it can happen here.

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