Roses are red, violets are blue

What is your favorite color? Did you know that your favorite color is an intuitive indication of your state of wellbeing and possible dis -balances?

Did you know that you can heel with colors? Probably most of you know about the symbolism of colors and have experienced the relaxing/stimulating effects of colors such as green and red. Also most of you have probably experienced the powerful effect of colors in advertising or art. Some of you have even decided to paint your bedroom in a relaxing shade of blue and you kitchen in appetizing yellow…

But did you know that colors have a healing impact on your physical body that ranges from the cure of minor colds and inflammations to healing major diseases such as arthritis, bronchitis, diabetes and even tumors? Well apparently they do and there are scientific studies to support this conclusion.

Healing with the use of color exists since the beginning of humanity and methods range from simple to complex, and are as diverse as the different shades on the color palette!

Color heals on the principle of vibration- the effect of their healing can be compared to other alternative medicines such as acupuncture and kinesiology.

One easy method of using color for improving your general well being is by studying the characteristics of each color and deciding which color complements your physical and psychological deficiencies. Once you have decided upon a color, simply pour water in a container with the color of your choice and allow it to sit in sunlight for an hour in the summer time and couple of hours in the winter time. During that time the water absorbs the properties of the colored container and ultimately passes these properties to your body once you drink the water. This method is totally harmless and will cost you nothing to try!

Other healing methods include visualization of color during meditation. Since during meditation we open our self to external energies, visualizing a particular color during this process amplifies the healing effect of the color we imagine.

Common techniques professional color therapists use are the use of colored properties in gems, mandalas, and etheric oils. If you are interested to know more about these please don’t hesitate to spend an hour so on the web for more information as this article is merely an introduction to color therapy

If you would like to get more serious with the subject I also recommend Joy Gardners’ Colors and Crystals: A journey through the chakras as a great introductory book which you can order from Amazon or to visit the website for more basic Color Therapy  info!

Physical Psychological
Indigo Cooling, stimulating on parathyroid, purifier on blood stream, good for muscular tonicity, effective anesthetic Controls psychic currents, governs pineal gland, used in meditation for deeper levels of consciousness, awakens devotion and intuition, affects vision, hearing and smell on the physical emotional and spiritual plane
Violet Stimulates the spleen, depresses the motor nerve, lymphatic and cardiac systems, nourishes and purifies blood in brain, maintains potassium and sodium balance in the body, good for bone growth Stimulates inspiration and humility, assists dream activity, balances spiritual and material aspects of our life, calming, controls irritability, a healing color and the ruler of the head, purifying, transmuting, practically spiritual
Blue Stimulates metabolism and vitality, promotes growth, slows the action of the heart, tonic, antiseptic, antibacterial, anticarcinogenic, soothing, reduces nervous excitement More soothing than green in emotional conditions, color of meditation and emotional expansion, relaxes the mind and controls throat chakra which is the creative power center, balancing, helping introverts, promotes truth, sincerity, independence
Green Calming, relieves tension in blood vessels, lowers blood pressure, helps insomnia, dilates capillaries, muscle and tissue builder, aphrodisiac and sex tonic, disinfectant, antiseptic Awakens friendliness, hope, faith and peace, restful and revitalizing, loosens and equalizes, emotional stabilizer and pituitary stimulant, affects heart chakra, growth
Yellow Affects digestive system, gastrointestinal tract, adrenal activity and left hemisphere of brain activity, great for nerves in the brain, stimulating and cleansing, purifies blood stream, spleen depressant Good for melancholy conditions, animating color for life, joyful, increases learning capabilities, eye-catching color, increases mental activity, concentration and detachment
Orange Useful for muscle spasms, helps assimilation and circulation, stimulates milk producing action after childbirth, increases pulse rate without increasing blood pressure, energizing, stimulates thyroid gland, affects spleen chakra Combines mental capabilities with physical capabilities, stimulates ideas and creativity, generates wellbeing, stimulates socialness, optimism
Red Vitalizing and energizing, stimulating and exciting for nerves, stimulating for sensory nerves, builds muscular system and helps contracted muscles, energizes liver, helps absorption of iron, clears congestion and mucus, affects circulation and sexuality Stimulates, excites, empowers, draws ego back to the self, diminishes negative effects from extroverted people, strengthens willpower, helps with lack of mental energy, stimulates alertness

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