Fricassee de poulet a la creme de champignons et legumes

Chicken with mushroom cream sauce for Monday dinner!

The second recipe that I am going to be doing today is chicken fricassee with mushroom cream sauce and glazed vegetables. This is the other possible exam dish I could be doing tomorrow morning at Le Cordon Bleu! Personally I don’t think that one or the other is more difficult to make but the Lemon sole with the mushroom cream sauce is definitely lighter and more delicate in taste.

Serve the chicken with mushroom sauce in autumn with a rich, full-body red wine.

Bon appetite!

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For 4 servings you will need

  • One 1.2 kg corn fed chicken, flour and salt for seasoning
  • 100 grams clarified butter

Creme de champignons

  • 50 grams shallots
  • 200 grams button mushrooms
  • 100 ml dry white wine
  • 500 ml chicken stock
  • 100 ml double cream
  • Salt and pepper


  • 300 grams carrots
  • 2 courgettes
  • 125 grams baby onions
  • 400 grams potatoes
  • 50 grams butter
  • Salt and sugar


  • Flat parsley


  • To butcher the chicken in fricassee style have a look at some of the pictures I have provided. It is useless to describe the action in writing because you will only confuse yourself. Learning visually is more effective- I have experienced this when realising that I am unable to follow the notes I took in my demo class- after watching chef butcher a chicken. Thankfully I was able to butcher an entire chicken by myself after chef re-demonstrated the entire process again in our practical class. 
  • Prepare the garnish
    • Peel and chop the shallot finely
    • Trim, wash and slice the mushrooms
    • Peel and wash baby onions
    • Peel, wash and turn potatoes, carrots and courgettes in “coccote” style
    • Boil the potatoes- you can use a knife to check if they are boiled by piercing and checking whether knife goes through smoothly.
    • Cut the parsley in a “chiffonade”- pick a couple of parsley leafs, roll them like a cigar and chop them as finely as possible.
  • Set the fricassee to cook
    • Coat the pieces of chickened in the seasoned flour. (prepare flour beforehand by passing it through a sift and sprinkling it with salt)
    • Sear them in a saute pan with clarified butter skin side down until golden brown. * To clarify butter simply melt regular butter in a pan at low heat until fat separates from cream. The fat liquid content is the clarified butter that we will use in the recipe.
    • Remove browned pieces of chicken from pan, place them on kitchen towel to get rid of the excess flour and fat. Degrease the pan if necessary both by pouring the butter out and wiping it out with kitchen towel.
    • Add shallots and mushroom and sweat at low heat for about 5 min.
    • Pour over the white wine to deglaze, reducing the sauce almost till try and add the chicken stock.
    • Add back the chicken pieces, cover with a lid or with baking paper and finish off in the oven at 180C for 20 min.
    • Check cooking point of the chicken. You can do this either by using a probe thermometer (ideal chicken temp is 71C) or by cutting through a piece of chicken and making sure there are no pink bits in the middle but that the chicken is still quite moist.
  • Finish fricassee and garnitures
    • Cook the vegetables (carrots, courgettes and baby onions) “a blanc”- in separate pots with just enough water to cover them, butter, sugar and salt.
    • Pan fry the previously boiled potatoes in oil and season with butter and salt.
    • Keep pieces of chicken hot by covering them with tin foil.
    • Reduce volume of sauce by more than half (until sauce is becoming more concentrated), add the cream, bring to the boil for a few seconds and check the seasoning.
    • Finally bathe the pieces of chicken in the sauce.
  • Present as in the image, sprinkle with parsley chiffonade.

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